Meet Jan Coker: Newcastle’s promoter of the week

‘Going out is my hobby’

Jan Coker is fairly new to Newcastle’s club promoting scene. 

The second year who studies Biomedical Genetics has been promoting since February after starting off as a street promoter on club nights.

She told us about everything from missing lectures to getting harrassed by men for blowjobs on the street.

What does your job actually involve?

I actually started out as a street promoter for club nights, but now I’m doing a lot more. I mostly get people on guest list which involves a few hours a day messaging all of Newcastle. I’ve been doing it for about 10 months now.

Where did you grow up?

Aberdeen, Scotland.

Who do you work for?

I work for Mish:Mash events, but the night I’m focused on is Naked Wednesdays at House of Smith. Kate Douglass is my manager. So much girl power.

What’s your worst experience promoting?

My worst experience would be getting carried away by some random guys while doing street because they’d decided I was the one they’re taking home for the night. I’ve also been asked to give a blowjob in an alleyway from someone when working. Obviously I didn’t do it. Sorry boys, but that’s not in my job description!

What has been your best night in Newcastle?

It would probably have to be my birthday in March. I don’t remember much of it though. I was told I had a good time by my friends who had to carry me home. I think it must have been all the Jagerbombs I did at pres.

Have you met any celebrities through work?

I was really annoyed because Josh and Max from Love Island came to Naked over the summer while I was still on holiday. But I’ve seen the Geordie Shore lot a lot and met Love Island Chris if they count.

Do you have any hobbies?

My hobbies are playing guitar, watching TV shows, chilling with my friends and going out.

What’s your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement is making it to second year with the amount of lectures I’ve missed and going out I did. I think I’ve actually gone out more and missed more lectures this year though. I’m scared to look at my bank account. Not long till Christmas though.