Newcastle’s barmaid of the week: Hannah from Jam Jar

She’s from Canada

As we all know, bartending isn’t necessarily the most luxurious job.

The hoards of drunk students in bars all over Newcastle and continuously spilt drinks do not make for a great working experience.

Go to the Jam Jar in Jesmond, however, and you’ll see cool and collected Hannah  pulling pints and shaking cocktails to her heart’s content.

Our barmaid of the week always delivers the perfect drink with the perfect service.

Where are you from? Yukon, Canada.

What brought you to Newcastle? My boyfriend studies at Northumbria, so I came here with him.

Best night out:  It’s got to be Lynches.

Favourite drink: Gin and Tonic.

Favourite drink to make/most commonly ordered: Cosmo.

How long have you been working at the Jam Jar? Just under a month.

Perks of the job? The people we serve are great. All of the staff are really nice and the after work drinks are fun.

Favourite dish at the Jam Jar? Eggs Benedict.