BNOC of the Year 2015: Group One

Have you been nominated as a Big Name in Newcastle?


The nominations are in. Get ready to cast the most important vote of the year.

Ed Skinner

He is famous for playing on every intramural football team ever, not wearing shoes, repping a beater at inappropriate times, suiting up specifically for football manager, and sitting in front of wood fire YouTube videos in Leazes in first year, amongst other things. He is a loveable giant who appeals to every niche of the Newcastle social scene, from the Agrics to the edgy-safe kids and everything in between.

Sarah Jones

Snazza (Sarah) Jones AKA Black Bridget Jones. Her laugh can be heard from her room in Leazes all the way over in Jesmond. She has the head of Bridget Jones but the heart and skin (and weave) of Whoopi Goldberg.

Raunaq Cavet

Renowned party animal, Fight Night boxer & promoter. Deserves to be crowned for knowing everyone in Castle Leazes (despite being kicked out) and has now set his sights on claiming Jesmond as his “endz”. Manages to end up at every after party ever.

Alexander Taylor

When the news broke that Alexander acquired a girlfriend it left several girls in floods of tears. This charming sophisticated man may appear a lesser known entity but his girl fan base would certainly prove otherwise. Often seen sporting an interesting array of garments, Alexander is usually to be found in the dark corners of WHQ or Digital. But do forgive him for his ‘edgyness’: it is hard being a public-school-boy-art-student and he has to try and blend in. Surly Alexander must be in for the running. As for his relationship status many girls are waiting for that to be changed back to single.

Ben Morgan

Everybody’s favourite Napoleon loving, poetry reciting, red trouser wearing Turkey. If he’s not crying watching the English patient, he’ll be drinking Cava from the bottle and singing Bon Jovi.