Arts students face job misery according to official unemployment stats

These are the 20 worst subjects for job prospects


History, French and English students are among the top twenty degrees with the lowest employment rates.

You’ve racked up the debts, drank the trebles, attended the occasional lecture or seminar, but could it all be for nothing?

Our queuing skills from nightclubs should come in handy for the wait..

Statistics released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, show the top twenty degrees that have the lowest employment rate 6 months after graduation – and the results are unexpected.

Surprisingly, traditionally academic subjects such as History, French and English Literature are among the worst degrees for employment.

Try not to do this?

Coming in at number one for the worst graduate job prospects after graduation is Geography.

Maybe all those colouring book jokes aren’t helping – only 36% of you find a job six months after graduating.

So it’s bad news for many grads. Here’s the rest of the top twenty lowest graduate employment degrees for 2014:

1. Geography

2. Sport science

3. Criminology

4. History

5. French

6. Primary Education

7. Media studies

8. Ancient History

9. Film Studies

10. Accountancy

11. Events management

12. Sociology

13. English language

14. Business management

15. Advertisement

16. English Lit

17. Sports and business management

18. Music

19. Religious studies and theology

20. Psychology

And overall, a fifth of graduates are unemployed on job seekers six months after you graduate. So maybe it’s time we headed to the careers service rather than Men’s Bar.

Fancy Medicine or Dentistry? Unsurprisingly, these two Science based subjects showed the highest graduate employment rate, closely followed by followed by Veterinary Science and Law.