RAG Week: Curtains Down

Just in case you missed it, here’s what went down.

newcastle rag week nusu nusu rag rag week

At the end of exams, Newcastle University’s RAG (Raising and Giving) Committee were ready to unleash a week of fundraising and drinking on the students of Newcastle. Headed by Newcastle students Rosie Leatherland and Harriet Hill, pictured below, everything was set for raising money for Help for Heroes, Cardiac Risk in the Young, Centre Point, Willow Foundation and Marie Curie.

Students in various fancy dress outfits were scattered along the streets of Newcastle and even ventured to Durham to collect from the public, with the reward of raiding Sinners in the evening.

It is safe to say the sticky floors and the dreaded infamous cage will never be the same again.

It seemed all the stress and hard work paid off.

The variety show provided a very interesting mix of acts, showcasing many talents including a signed band known as Holy Moly and The Crackers, who whipped up a storm with the intoxicated crews as they formed what can only be described as a sea of fist pumps and questionable inebriated dancing.

Holy Moly and the Crackers’ explosive performance

All those who went would agree that Take Me Out was a particular highlight. Proving incredibly popular, maybe due to a particular contestant who had drank more than her fair share of wine and probably vodka, there was nothing funnier than seeing your mates up on a stage flaunting themselves and taking the piss out of each other in front of an unforgiving audience.

The nervous lineup


The boys and girls gave equally cutting comments when their lights switched off, some of them raising a few boos and awkward pauses from the crowd.

The contestants were taking no prisoners on their quest for a date.

Man vs. Food, a brave choice of event, was also incredibly popular. The winner was reportedly sick in various places across campus on his journey home but with food supplied by Dominoes, Zapatista and Subway it was certainly brilliant viewing for a break between lectures.

Bunch of ragmunchers

With all the crews still going strong after a few nights of too much vodka, yet another successful night seemed to be ahead with the silent disco.


After a nonstop crazy week it was all getting a bit much for the students of Newcastle RAG…

Nevertheless, committee and crew worked incredibly hard and raised around £7000 for their selected charities. Rounded off by a formal at Fat Buddha, RAG Week was a definite success. Here’s some more from the highlight reel of RAG Week 2013, see you next year!

It’s not all partying…

Bow down and hail Mary