Minions, Mr White, and Mystery Inc.: Here are Lancaster’s best Halloween costumes of 2022

Nothing in the world is scarier than a morph suit tbh x

Halloween is coming to an end, and what a Halloween it’s been. Lancaster has seen multiple days of spooky celebrations starting as early as seven days before the big day. It’s clear that Lancs has huge amounts of love for the holiday, which is a fact that’s been reflected in everyone’s costumes this year.

We asked you for your best costume pics from this Halloweekend and, as usual, Lancs did not disappoint. Here’s the best of them:

Gru and a minion (but an evil purple one from the sequel)

Here, we see Aimee’s absolutely terrifying purple minion costume. Remember those evil little guys from the second Despicable Me film? No? Well, now you do. Paired up with Gru, this twist on an overdone costume is fresh and, dare we say, much scarier than a boring yellow tic tac.

Vanellope Von Schweetz

Another take on an animated character from our childhood, Sofi absolutely nailed Vanellope Von Schweetz from Disney’s Wreck It Ralph. Though I probably wouldn’t wear those sweet hair accessories to Sugar, you just know some drunk fresher is going to ask if they can eat them.

Lazy sheet ghost

Now this is just lazy. Can we stop doing sheet ghosts please? You may as well just pin a note to your back that says: “I forgot that I needed a costume until it was too late.”

The complete Mystery Incorporated squad

Our writer Ellen got together with her friends to perfectly create the best Mystery Incorporated team we’ve ever seen. There’s a reason why this is one of the most popular costumes for groups of five; it’s because it always looks so bloody good. Literally nailed everything, even down to the heights.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

Ren and Ross, who claim that they both “always try” when it comes to Halloween costumes, show the rest of us up with their insane Breaking Bad costumes. I’m actually speechless.

Witches and wizards

Here we have an old classic meeting a new classic. A witch meeting a wizard. A very pointy hat meeting a very undone tie. A slay meeting a slay.

Patrick from Spongebob… but from that one specific movie scene

We’re only slightly traumatised by Nathan’s “sexy Patrick Star” costume. Tbf, we think the trainers really finish the whole fit off. Either that, or the copious amount of pink face paint.

Xenomorph XX121

Some people like Halloween. And then some people like Halloween. Falling into the latter category is George with his unbelievable Alien costume. Though we missed the part of the film where the titular alien started to down spirits. Oh well, it’s Halloween! Let the alien drink!