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Here are Lancs students’ MVPs of Roses 2022

But who got the most nominations?

Eight graphic novels to read if you’ve finished Heartstopper

Isaac would be proud

Netflix just confirmed Heartstopper season two! Here’s what happens based on the book

Please say Olivia Colman, please say Olivia Colman!!

Every single way Netflix changed Heartstopper from the original novel

Omg Charlie has a younger brother!

‘A community of people who are up for doing weird stuff’: We interviewed Lancs Assassins

‘You’re lying to yourself if you don’t think signing up to chase people around campus wielding a spoon is weird’

Heartstopper writer reveals which major character was cut from the show and why

They appear in all four graphic novels but are missing from the show!

Ranking LUSU candidate videos by level of cringe

Embarrassing themselves is in the FTO contract

We photoshopped Lancs college merch onto runway models

There’s no argument, Pendle merch = best merch

Lancs Vice-Chancellor condemns war in ‘the Ukraine’

The statement arrives after students asked for the conflict to be referred to as a war

Lancaster Students Support Ukraine holds protest in Alex Square

‘I want to say that I have never been so proud to be Ukrainian’

LU Lithuanian Society holds Ukraine protest in town

The event was in ‘support of Ukraine and condemnation of Russia’s military action’

12 iconic Chase moments Lancs students can relate to

Let’s be honest, most of them are just Bradley Walsh

Room inspections and bad guacamole: Lancfessions of the week

Duck slander is NOT tolerated at this uni

Lancs Police looking to identify Sugarhouse customer in regards to sexual assault

The incident took place in Rylands Park on Thursday morning

Tell us your Lancs lifestyle and we’ll tell you what Disney Channel Original Movie you are

We can’t all be High School Musical now, can we?

Quiz: Which Advent calendar you are based on how well you fit into Lancs stereotypes

I’m judging you if you’re a Dairy Milk

Lancaster Uni’s definitive Spotify Wrapped 2021

If you’re still seeing ‘Glee Cast’ in 2021, you should know you’re not alone

Staying In, Speaking Out: Women+ Forum and LUSU to host anti-violence against women event

‘LUSU is continuing to engage and support Women+’

Lancaster anti-strike campaign receives backlash online

The manifesto claimed that strikes could be ‘potentially fatal’ to students

Lancaster LGBTQ+ Forum to boycott Generation Nightclub

The motion was passed following the club’s response to the Big Night In campaign

A complete guide to Lancaster’s Bonfire Night celebrations

Multiple organisations have plans for Guy Fawkes Night this year

Tell us your Lancs opinions and we’ll tell you how much Halloween candy you deserve

Greggs is overrated? Bounty behaviour

We’re recruiting: All the reasons why you should write for The Tab Lancaster

Yes, you get a free T-shirt xx

I spent the longest day of the year in Alexandra Square and it was a vibe

The ducks didn’t appreciate me invading their space

‘Shocked and disappointed’: REMO students’ officer reacts to Sugarhouse preferenda results

‘What we can do is educate students on the club’s history’

‘I feel safe to express myself at Lancaster’: Pulse nightclub vigil held by LGBTQ+ Forum

Staff, students, and ex-students gathered to remember the 49 lives lost in 2016

LUSU reps need student opinions on uni during the pandemic

‘It takes less than five minutes, but the data that we get will be so useful’

Here’s what Monday’s lockdown easing means for Lancs students

Can we finally have our mates round?

26 Star Wars moments all Lancs students can relate to

I find your lack of faith in my ability to pass my exams disturbing

Here’s all the Lancs pubs reopening on Monday

I might be dreaming x

The 13 stages of writing an essay at Lancs Uni as told by Taylor Swift

‘I’m dying to see how this one ends’

12 moments from the Handforth Parish Council meeting that every Lancs student can relate to

Read the standing orders. READ THEM AND UNDERSTAND THEM.

Anything in Lancaster could be an album cover, here’s the best

Spoiler alert: there are two with ducks

Seriously though, Bowland Tower is the best place to live in Lancs

How could you complain when you’re this close to Greggs?