It’s official: Here are the pumpkings and pumpqueens of Lancaster Uni

I didn’t know that pumpkin carvings could still give me nightmares (you know who you are)

There are many student traditions that come to mind when you think of Halloween: group costumes of the characters from Scooby Doo, rushing to buy tickets for Sugar before they run out, buying decorations from Poundland or Wilko to spice up your living room. One thing that most of us haven’t given up from our childhood is carving pumpkins (although hopefully we are a bit better at it now).

We asked for photos of your best pumpkins this year, and you delivered. Here are some of Lancaster’s best student pumpkins.

Starting out with a non-traditional design here from the president of the Music Soc, very on-brand I’d like to add. As someone who has known Rob for about nine years now, I would say that he is definitely doing our high-school music teacher proud with this one.

Honestly, I’m impressed, it can’t have been easy to get the curves of that treble clef as smooth as they are:

Okay, I can’t lie, I did have to ask someone what this one was. Not because it is bad, but because I have never seen a Star Wars film in my life. However, I now know that it is the Death Star, and I can now say that I am very impressed by this one too. The poking technique used here is something that I definitely plan to use in the future, and the amount of detail that has gone into making this look so accurate is a bit intimidating. I, however, would not have the patience for this.

We have some nice, classic, pumpkins here. The back ones are exactly the type of pumpkins I picture when I think of Halloween. The middle one is also a refreshing change and definitely should serve as a reminder to people to reuse their pumpkin guts instead of just binning them (I am personally a fan of pumpkin pasta myself).

The Underwater Hockey Society really went all out this year with their pumpkins. Not only do they have society-appropriate designs, but also traditional faces and some more out-there ones like Mike Wazowski and a minion.

The creativity shown here really puts my own imagination to shame.

I’m not totally sure what the one on the left is, honestly (my best guess would be a snowman but that doesn’t seem very seasonally appropriate), but overall I would say that these are some solid pumpkins. The middle one is definitely one of the scarier ones we have seen, and the Frankenstein’s monster design is very well done.

They, unfortunately, weren’t solid enough to stay intact, and it appears that there was an accident with one of them leaving it broken or rotted (we can’t really tell).

Moral of the story: be careful with your pumpkins and don’t carve them too early:

A quintessential costume for girls turned into a pumpkin, I love it. It is simple, but elegant, and reusing the eye pieces for the ears really pulls the whole look together,

The moon and star eyes? Innovative. The hanging bat? Cute and seasonal. The pumpkin teeth? Absolutely terrifying.

Three very different vibes from these pumpkins, but all of them valid and will look great displayed in your windows. I just wish I could have seen them lit (although maybe not that last one, it would give me nightmares).

This is possibly the cutest submission we had. Using the big pumpkin as a house for the mini pumpkin is absolutely adorable and that little drawn-on face only adds to it. I also love the amount of pumpkins that feature in this decoration (six is definitely a record to beat for just one person).

This is a very spooky photo. The lighting is perfect for a Halloween shot, and the cool designs make for an excellent decoration. I am very impressed that the inner part of the eye on that first one is still attached (I definitely would have cut too far). Very well done.

The Cheshire Cat vibe that I get from the first one definitely gives it a sense of crazy that I haven’t had from any of the other photos submitted. I like the contrast with the gleeful design next to it (although I do get crazy vibes from this one too), and I especially like the green glow from the ghost statue in the background.

I’ve got to admit, if I had carved pumpkins this year then they probably would have turned out something like this. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means that I would have not wanted to deal with scraping the inside out (the worst part), and that I also think the mini pumpkins are just more cute and more convenient than the regular ones.

This is one chaotic pumpkin. According to creator and Tab writer, Ellen, it was carved using straws, which is definitely not a method I have seen before. It might not look like the most creative one, but it definitely uses the most creative tools, and there is just something about that expression on its face that is hilarious to me.

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