Here’s everything you’ll see at Sugar’s Halloween party tonight whether you like it or not

If I see more than 10 minions, I’m leaving

Sugar’s Halloween party is possibly the most iconic night of Michaelmas Term. Every student goes absolutely feral sourcing their costume so that they can be the coolest dressed, although we all know that no costume will ever beat the Sugar Mouse.

Essentially, Halloween is just a glorified social with no specific theme, but that doesn’t stop us from planning our costumes for the next year as soon as November 1st comes along. In honour of the big Sugarhouse blowout, here are 11 things you are guaranteed to come across tonight:


It’s no secret that the new Minions movie took the world by storm, with people getting suited and booted just to go sit in a dark room and watch a load of pale cheese puffs ramble on about bananas. Therefore, it is undeniable that there will be at least 20 people who took it upon themselves to dress as a Minion in their attempt to be original and down with the kids. Let me just say now, you are neither of those things.

Peaky Blinders

It’s not even officially been Halloween night yet, and I’ve already seen about five different parties full to the brim of girls dressed as the peaky blinders. A big one this year, and whether you decide to dress it down with stockings and a mini skirt, or go full Tommy Shelby, I can guarantee you that you will not be alone.

They filmed Peaky Blinders here once and suddenly flat caps are a Lancs staple for every Halloween

Elf bars littering the floor

Halloween is a big night, meaning everyone will be going big on the drink. It is officially the time when “social smokers” will be loading up on vapes so that they can smoke it within 20 minutes and throw it on the floor before cracking on to the next one. This is bad. Don’t throw your vape on the floor.

Strange Sugar decorations

A classic for every Sugar party, the staff will undoubtedly spend hours stringing up weird and wonderful decorations to really get everyone in the Halloween mood, as if we aren’t all too drunk to notice it anyway.

Two conflicting costumes getting off

Picture this: you’re living it up in the club room, and the DJ is blasting out “The Monster Mash”, you turn to your right, and you see it. Frankenstein necking on with a Victoria’s Secret Angel. There’s only one night it can happen.

Mosh pits

I hate them, you hate them, we all hate them. And yet, does that stop them from happening? Seriously, people, it’s time to stop.

The Scooby doo gang

The classic “we decided to go out at the last minute” costume, and yet it never gets old. Double points if your Fred and Daphne are in an actual relationship.

The big cheese

Bound to make his appearance on the big night, the Sugar Mouse never disappoints. And since everyone is low-key terrified of him anyway, what better time for him to bust a move on the club floor?

Someone in a scary costume drinking a VK

Ahh, the ultimate juxtaposition. There is no greater ick than seeing someone who has put so much effort into scarifying themselves up for Halloween sipping on a blue VK. Someone, please bring me a blindfold, I’m not sure I can handle it.

Someone’s fake weapon gets confiscated

Sugar couldn’t have been more clear that they have a zero-tolerance policy for fake weapons this year, and yet someone is bound to forget. Don’t waste the money people! Leave your toy guns and cutlasses at pres.

Spooky Scary Skeletons gets played

Do we even like this song anymore? I can’t work out if it’s nostalgic or just sad. It certainly reminds me of year six discos, which isn’t really what I fancy thinking about when I’m nine drinks in. Even worse if it’s some kind of awful D’n’B mix. It’s a no from me.

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