Freshers’ Week FOMO Part Two: A tribute to campus

Grizedale 2-4-1 cocktails you have my heart x

Now that Freshers’ Week is up and running in full swing, this year’s newbies are more than likely taking the time to explore their new home of the next three+ years. Lancaster Uni is renowned for many things: its rolling hills, killer sports centre, and the student body’s obsession with Greggs to name just a few. But perhaps one of the most seminal characteristics of our university – and something I’m missing whilst on a year abroad – is its kitted-out campus. I’m sure there are plenty of students out there who claim that city unis will always be supreme to campus unis because you have the city – and all of its eateries – on your doorstep. However, city universities will never measure up to the sheer diversity Lancs has to offer.

Eight-hour day in the library? Don’t worry, that means you can have at least two Greggs breaks. 9am lecture after a night out in Sugar? Costa will have you sorted. Severely hungover and in dire need of fresh air? Take a leisurely stroll around Lake Carter and finish it up with an all-day breakfast from Fylde Bar. My point is, whilst the city itself may not measure up to Manchester or Newcastle, the campus is far superior to any I’ve seen before – and boy do I miss it.

Nobody can deny how convenient everything is, and that’s not even the best part. Never again will you and your flat have to argue over what takeaway to get. Why? All you have to do is take a group trip to Alex Square and Edward Roberts court and you will find not one, not two, not even three, but eight separate eateries (AND a Spar) just in that area – so you can all just get what you want. There’s everything: Chinese, burritos, curry, sandwiches… you name it, Lancs has it.

Less dreaming about how much I miss our campus’ many food vendors and time to focus on just how much else our campus offers. Eight college bars (some better than others), direct routes throughout the colleges, a massive library, a sports centre complete with every kind of sports pitch you can imagine, walking routes over the greenery and through the woodland walk, (although granted the A6 and M6 somewhat ruin the “peace and quiet”). Everything on our campus is easy, and accessible, and there is SO much variety. I mean, show me another campus that has its own lake on one end, and a (lowkey ugly) brick tower erected on another and pulls it off? That’s right, you can’t, because the concrete jungle that is Lancaster University is unique.

I suppose the thing I miss most about the Lancs campus is how it’s always buzzing with student life, and not just during Welcome Week. Never underestimate the power of the SU to lure all students to Alex Square with the promise of a free donut or VK. It’s like stepping into a parallel universe where you only have to see actual grown-ups when you go to lectures, the atmosphere is constantly exciting, and you simply cannot turn a corner without seeing a familiar face, be it a friend or the guy you hooked up with on the last Whoops Wednesday. Even though it seems vast to the untrained eye, it’s still an intimate community and in some way or other, everyone knows everyone.

The Lancaster campus is a treat to behold, so freshers and returning students alike – don’t forget to appreciate what you’re given, especially with Greggs’ glow-up. As someone who’s gone from having everything within reach to living in a huge city where you have to actually get trains and buses just to go to a bar, I know I cannot wait to return to Lancaster’s warm embrace.

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