Freshers’ Week FOMO Part One: The Lancaster Linkup

Who would’ve thought it was possible to miss Greggs so much?

It’s no secret that Freshers’ Week is one of the most renowned experiences of university life. First, second, third, and even fourth year+ come together in a week long frenzy of drinking, partying, and forgetting that real life actually exists. Not only is Freshers’ Week a seven-day long bender, but it is also the time when everybody moves back to uni and reunites with friends that they haven’t seen for the three months of summer.

For those of us who were unfortunate enough to be 2020 freshers, we never got a proper Freshers’ Week, so it goes without saying that the 20/21 year olds among us are going extra hard in the hopes of making up for the poor excuse of a Welcome Week we got way back when. This, however, does make it even worse for those of us who cannot be present for Freshers’ Week this year – as we not only have to watch our nearest and dearest reuniting whilst we’re sat alone in a dreary apartment on our placement, but we also have to witness them getting spangled without us (oh, how i miss you, 3-4-6 VK’s).

I have always suffered with an intense case of FOMO so when it occurred to me that this year I would not only have to sit back and watch all of my university friends living their Lancs lives to the fullest whilst I’m not there on top of witnessing their homecoming through nothing more than social media, my FOMO metre got turned up to 100.

It’s been hard seeing everyone return to our beloved Lancaster: moving into their new rooms, visiting the new and improved (or so I’m told) Greggs, even saying hello to good old Norma. I never would’ve thought I could feel the longing to walk down the South Spine whilst on my way to retrieve my daily sausage roll, and yet I wake up every morning with a pang of loneliness pertaining to the lack of ducks waddling along the road. All I can say is: Pizzetta Republic, feel like pure shit just want you back.

To make matters worse, Sugar has just announced Sugar Mondays… when I tell you I nearly cried at that announcement, it’s not an exaggeration. I cannot express the sheer heartbreak I feel at the thought of missing out on those 3-4-6 house spirits and another night of Juxtapose making me go feral in the club room.

Being a third year and not coming back to Lancs this month has been harder than I think any of us expected it would be, so if you’re in the same boat as me, just remember that this time next year all of our friends are going to either be starting panic masters or living in the real world while we get to pretend that we’re still 18 for a little while longer… so who’s the real winner?

Those of you fortunate enough to be experiencing this year’s Welcome Week, enjoy yourselves. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and stock up on lots and lots of chicken nuggets for post night out snacks.

P.S., if you see me flying back to Lancaster just for a Wok Inn, no you don’t.

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