Quiz: Tell us your Greggs meal deal, and we’ll tell you which Christmas villain you are

Even baddies like a festive feast.

Greggs is probably a central feature on campus for most – somewhere every Lancaster student has been at least once, and that spends a lot of time in our minds even when we’re not in the store itself.

At Christmas time, Greggs leans very heavily into the spirit of the season – every product gets a festive coat of paint, sweet mince pies stack the shelves, you can buy pigs under blankets baguettes and festive flavoured bakes!

And why shouldn’t the traditional Christmas villain enjoy the same delicious treats? From evil sack men to common crooks and overbearing father figures, we’re sure that they’d all have some preference for easy eating and quick food.

In this quiz, we’ll talk you through all of the different delightful options Greggs provides in breakfast, sweet treats, sandwiches, bakes, hot and cold drinks, and match you up with which festive villain shares your tastes!

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