Quizmas Day Five: Who you played in the nativity based on who you are on a night out

If you played Mary you’re the mum friend now

With the end of Michaelmas term quickly approaching, it’s more than likely you’re squeezing your last few nights out in before you return home (A clean kitchen and food you haven’t had to buy yourself? Sign me up).

When it comes to these nights out, you’ve probably noticed that you and your friends have all assigned yourself roles to fill. These roles are a lot like horoscopes, except they tell you who you should play in the nativity. Hear me out: Maybe you’re the one who decides where the night out will be? Definitely the north star. Or are you the person who has water on them and a snack or two? One hundred per cent a wise man.

Now that December is underway and you’re starting to feel Christmassy, we know you’re itching to find out this extra detail about your personality. So without further ado, take this quiz to find out who you played in the nativity based on who you are on a night out.


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