Quizmas Day Three: What festive Costa drink to order based on how behind on work you are

Going to Costa is the best way to procrastinate

It’s Quizmas Day Three! The festive season has officially begun, but apparently uni didn’t get the message. All any Lancs student wants to do right now is visit the markets in Dalton Square, or snuggle up in bed watching Christmas movies and sharing festive traditions with their flatmates. Unfortunately, it’s nearing the end of Michaelmas term, meaning the reality for every student is an ever-looming pile of deadlines and work to catch up on.

In dreary times such as this, one of the best places to turn to is Costa, sneakily positioned as soon as you crawl up from the underpass, calling you into their comforting arms. Truly, any item from the festive menu is the perfect companion to tackle that coursework and decrease your stress levels a little.

Therefore, if the freezing weather and dull atmosphere has hit you a little hard this week and you’re in need of a pick-me-up, take this quiz to find out which festive Costa drink is best suited to entice you to make the journey from your bed to campus.

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