Here’s what your Crocs say about you as a Lancs student

Zebra-print Crocs? BNOC vibes

Crocs are a force to be reckoned with. They’ve made a comeback in recent years, surpassing all expectations, and whether you love ’em or hate ’em, you’ve at least got to respect their practicality.

Crocs are a bold choice that somehow everyone can pull off. And it seems nobody does Crocs like Lancaster Uni students do Crocs. Here’s a dive into the choice of crocs that Lancs students have to offer and what they say about their personalities.

Add a little bit of spice


The colours, the Jibbit, the black socks… all point to a person of great character and a healthy amount of quirkiness.

These Crocs point towards someone who has a true sense of self. You seem the type of someone to enjoy 2am library sessions and seasonal lattes from Costa, or maybe a tropical smoothie with exotic fruits. You’re chill and have immaculate vibes.

Croc o Lune


The view is nice, but damn, those Crocs are nicer.

Your crocs are an insight into your personality. Causal and kind, but quirky and unique. You’ve gone out of your way, decorating the footwear with careful decor. Yellow pineapples and pink sunglasses represent a summery set and a sunny personality.

The vibes say you’re the kind of person who stops to say hello to the ducks every time you’re on campus, and you’ll even share your Greggs with them if you’re feeling particularly kind.

Say cheese…?


The confidence that radiates from this bold footwear is unmatched – clearly the type of person to wear them regardless of the location.

Lecture at George Fox? You’re wearing them.

Library study session? You bet you’ve got them on.

Are you grabbing a late-night Sultans on a Friday? Of course, you have them on.

Yellow is a good choice in colour, emphasising a decent amount of positivity and warmth. Friendships are formed on the basis of you simply wearing these crocs. Your decision to purchase these is probably one of the best you’ve made.

Commitment to the cause


It goes without saying that you represent any and every possible definition of cool. The astonishing amount of swagger from this picture as a whole is marvellous.

The bold colours tell a story of their own. You’re the kind of people to get stuff done. You’re prepped, ready and driven.

You’ll be on time for every seminar, and you get every task done to the best of your ability. Your efforts are commendable, and we thank you for your Crocs service.

Party animal


These Crocs are the epitome of perfect. It’s clear the owner of these can appreciate a good night out at Sugar.

If the zebra print on the Crocs wasn’t telling enough of a main character personality, the pink socks definitely do. The colours, shapes and patterns are so much to take in, but they make you stop and stare.

Imagine seeing these run through Alex Square on their way to a 9am lecture; BNOC energy if you ask me.

Calm and serene


Were you aware that the colour purple is associated with royalty, power and nobility?

Well, it’s true. These crocs tell a tale as old as time. They’re not overly decorated but do they really need to be?

Being drawn to purple says that you’re a pretty valuable person who’s a dream to have as a friend and is a model student. Being drawn to Crocs says that you clearly understand what true fashion is. Put them together for purple Crocs, and you’re indestructible.

Retro style


Here we have Baby Yoda, Stitch, Spiderman, Pac-Man and Jelly Monsters. Even those who believe true art could never exist can be proven wrong with this masterpiece. All the key aspects of a 2000s childhood combined into one pair of Crocs is truly magnificent.

These wondrous shoes prove that you’re a person of character and purpose – one of dreams and ambitions.

They say that you are prepared for anything and everything. You’re the person to have their life put together in a way that only you understand, but only you need to. You get your assignments in, and you contribute to your seminars, all while looking effortlessly amazing. A lifestyle every Lancs student craves.

That’s the roundup of how Lancs students represent themselves with their great choices of footwear. Some things portray our personalities in subtle ways. But Crocs make a bold statement without using any words at all, which is why we love them so much.

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