QUIZ: Plan your day on campus and we’ll tell you how long you’d wait in the Greggs queue

You get the 100 bus instead of waiting for the 1A? You won’t last long in the Greggs queue

The biggest conundrum for all Lancs students coming onto campus for the day is what to get for lunch if the Gregg’s queue is unbearably long. Many of us see the line snake round Juicafe towards Spar and give up on our dreams of having a vegan sausage roll. Costa panini it is.

However, the more patient and strong among us will wait in that queue until they make it to the till and get the steak bake they’ve been fantasising about through their 11-12 pm lecture. It takes a specific kind of Lancs student to endure the Greggs queue when it’s at it’s longest. Most of us wait until the queue has died down around four pm, even then it’s still at least a 10 minute wait.

What does your daily routine say about how long you’d wait in the Greggs queue? If you’re racing from one end of campus to the next every other hour for your lectures, you have no time to wait in the Greggs queue – no sausage rolls for you.

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