You’re a walking red flag if you do any of these 23 things as a Lancs student

If you think the ducks are overrated, that’s 100 per cent a red flag

It’s become a TikTok trend to share the red flags you watch out for in potential partners or friendships. From being rude in public to only texting back at night, there are many red flags people give off. However, many of us are colour blind to these red flags, and choose to ignore people’s bad habits as it’s easier to do this than admit they’re not good for us.

But what are the things Lancs students do that scream red flag energy? If any of these apply to you… sorry; we don’t make the rules.

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You purposefully wait for the 100 bus

Why would you purposefully wait for a bus that will take twice as long to get to campus? Either you’re crazy or you live in Bowerham so you have to get the 100 – which is a red flag in itself.

You live in Morecambe

Why would you put yourself through the pain of having to travel so far to get to your 9am lecture? If you live in Morecambe, it’s probably because you waited too long to find a house for the next academic year and were forced to live outside of Lancaster.

You wouldn’t wait 10 minutes in the Greggs queue

If you’re the type of person to get to your lecture 10 minutes early so you’re prepared but you wouldn’t wait 10 minutes in the Greggs queue for a steak bake, then you’re practically waving a massive red flag larger than Bowland tower.

Granted, you may only have five minutes to spare between your lectures, but if you aren’t rushing across campus and turn away the queue of only six people, then that’s absurd. Count yourself lucky if you only have to wait 10 minutes. Usually the queue’s longer than the Spine!

You don’t get Sultans after a night out

If you live on campus and don’t prioritise going to Sultans after a night out, then don’t call yourself a Lancs student. It’s an unspoken rule that you have to go to Sultans after Sugar, or you don’t graduate.

You only drink the blue VKs in Sugar

Yes they’re cheap, but there’s something about VKs which are a red flag, especially the blue ones. It’s just a vibe, and that vibe is off.

You think the ducks are overrated

This speaks for itself. If you don’t love the ducks on campus, consider moving to another uni.

You’ve never got your stamp early in Sugar to come back later

This is a well known trick for Lancs students. Go early to Sugar to get your stamp, go away to Crafty’s or Generation, then waltz past the bustling queue straight into Sugar whenever you want. If you’ve never used this trick, then what are you doing?

You book a group study space in the library just for yourself

Why would you do this? This makes no sense.

You’ve never been to Central

Central is facing an uncertain future as a result of reduced footfall and little room for negotiation with rental costs

Central is one of the best places on campus to get cheap food, right on your doorstep. Why waste the bus money to go to Sainsbury’s when Central is right on campus?

You don’t try to get an ‘under-19 day rider’ when you get the bus

It’s another unspoken rule that even if you’re 21 and are about to graduate, you ask for the “under-19 day rider” to get a cheaper ticket. Do whatever you have to so you look younger, but if you don’t hedge your bets and ask for the normal day rider, then you’re just shooting yourself in the foot.

You sit at the front in your lectures

Why would you do this? The lecturer uses the front rows as bait and picks on them to answer all their questions. If you purposefully sit anywhere but at the back of the lecture theatre, then you’re a walking red flag.

You talk to the lecturer after the lecture has finished

To make you even more of a red flag, you probably sit at the front and stay behind to talk to the lecturer afterwards. Wait until the seminar or go to their office hour.

You put your hand up to ask a question one minute before the lecture ends

It’s even worse if you’re the type of person who raises their hand to ask a question seconds before the lecture is supposed to end. Everyone has their bags clutched ready to race out of those doors, but everything gets delayed when the lecturer starts to discuss your question.

You’ve never eaten at The Mill

Fylde bar has some of the best food on campus. It’s cheap and tasty. A great place to eat if you’re staying on campus all day and need something to eat so you don’t pass out in your 6pm lecture.

You’re a slow walker on the spine

This is just cruel. Don’t walk so slow people can’t get through and end up being late to their lecture.

You signed up for over 10 societies but never go to the meetings

You were optimistic about the new year and signed up to every society you spoke to at the Freshers’ Fair. How is that going? Have you been to all the meetings? No?

We thought so.

You’ve never danced in the cage at Generation

While everyone talks about how iconic Sugar is, don’t forget about Generation. The cage is the best place to be.

You go out three times a week

How do you have the time, energy and finances for this? It’s a red flag if you go out Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Go to sleep!

You still wear your leavers hoodie

Why did you bring your leavers hoodie to uni? Why?

You don’t own a Lancaster Uni hoodie

Why come to university and not buy the university hoodie and parade around your home town so everyone knows you go there? It’s part of the uni experience.

You’ve never been to Williamson Park

If you haven’t been to Williamson park, drop everything now and go! Take hundreds of photos in front of Aston Memorial – it’s a right of passage for Lancs students.

You do your weekly shop in Spar

How much student loan do you have?

You get the physical book in the library instead of reading the online version

This just doesn’t make sense. You can’t even highlight a library book, so why take out the physical copy when there’s a PDF version online? Makes no sense.

If you do any of these things, then you need to wake up and realise you’re walking, talking red flag. Change your ways now, before it’s too late.

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