Meet ‘Luswiftsoc’: The new group of Lancs students dedicated to Taylor Swift

‘Are you ready for it?’

Calling all Taylor Swift fans! A new society is being formed at Lancaster University, which focuses on the music and life of Taylor Swift.

Named “Luswiftsoc”, the founders of this group: Emily, Adam, Matthew, Bethan, and Sam, are second year students who describe themselves as “die-hard Taylor Swift fans”, and they decided to create this society over the summer. This is a highly anticipated group within Lancaster University, and they are currently in the process of becoming an official Student’s Union affiliated society.

‘We wanted to make a society of likeminded people’

Luswiftsoc aims to show the love they have for Taylor and her music, as well as to “create a fun and safe space for all Swifties” and hopefully “build up a Swiftie community on campus”.

They encourage anyone interested to come along to one of their socials as they aim to “do something for everyone” and “are sure you will feel welcome, and fall further in love with Taylor”, which is certainly a hard offer to refuse.

Taylor Swift societies have been popping up at universities all around the country, including York, Cambridge and Exeter, to name a few, so it is about time Lancaster joined in on the fun. These unis inspired Luswiftsoc. Since Lancaster’s location is so close to the Lake District, a suggested muse for Taylor’s album ‘Folklore’, they described feeling “connected to her being here”.

One of the founders of this society, Sam, even suggests a “Taylor Swift Karaoke” with their friends at the York swiftie society as an extra competition at Roses.

‘We just want people to have a great time in the name of Taylor Swift’

Luswiftsoc is a very welcoming and accommodating society. They don’t expect you to be a “hardcore swiftie” to join, as Taylor Swift’s music itself is so “versatile”. What’s more? They are open to all members… except those who may have “bad blood” with swifties or music taste.

‘We also proudly advertise to anyone in sugar… like literally anyone… on every night out’

Ever heard a Taylor Swift song playing in the club on a night out? It was probably a request from Luswiftsoc. They are currently using their Instagram to promote their ideas and find students who wish to join. They have already smashed the 200-follower milestone on Instagram, with 105 people planning to attend their first social on Monday.

‘Feeling emotional during deadline week? Time for ‘Fearless’

Just like anyone would with their favourite music artist, this group sees Taylor Swift everywhere. They describe how catching the 100 bus home gives off “Folklore” vibes and how “social Wednesdays in Sugar usually put us in a ‘Reputation’ mood”. If you can relate to any of this, Luswiftsoc is definitely the place for you.

They have ideas for future socials, including karaoke, quiz nights, as well as a trip to the Lake District around deadline week to get in some much-needed relaxation, as after all, “those Windermere peaks look like the perfect place to cry”.

Their first social takes place this Monday (25th October) and starts at 7.30 pm at Mint. It is advertised as “a great night with some swift surprises”. Dress code: come as your favourite Taylor Swift era!

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