The Sugarhouse will close next Wednesday in solidarity with ‘Girls Night In’ boycott

‘We believe all students have the right to feel safe on a night out’

Lancaster University’s Students’ Union has just announced that The Sugarhouse nightclub will close next Wednesday night, 27th October. 

The announcement comes in response to the “Girls Night In Lancaster” boycott of nightclubs over drink spiking.

“Girls Night In” groups across the country have been organising boycotts of nightclubs to raise awareness of drink spiking and to make sure that more is done to make nightclubs a safe place. 

LUSU has said: “The Sugarhouse has always made the welfare of its customers its highest priority and so we fully support the aims of their campaign to highlight this topic and their calls for action”.

In addition to this, The Sugarhouse statement says: “We believe all students have the right to feel safe on a night out”.

The Sugarhouse will run a training session for both their bar and security staff on Wednesday instead of opening. The training session will inform them how to deal with suspected spiking cases and reinforce the safety protocols they already have in place.

The Sugarhouse will reopen as usual on Friday 29th October.

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