QUIZ: Tell us your study habits and we’ll tell you if you could make it as Santa’s elf

Because being an elf is what every uni student is working towards, really

What isn’t every Lancaster University student’s dream job to work  with their friends in a happy Christmas environment all year-round? So, what better career to work towards than being one of Santa’s elves?

What better way to distract yourself from your upcoming deadlines than to look at your seasonal job prospects, because what university student couldn’t use some extra cash? Especially at the time of Lancaster on Ice, Christmas markets and Secret Santas.

Do you only study in the library or can you work anywhere? Tell us all about it and find out what part in the magic of Christmas you could have.

To see if you could make it as one of Santa’s elves, take this quiz and see what job Santa would give you. That is, if you make the cut…

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