QUIZ: Tell us your essay crisis, and we’ll tell you how likely you are to drop out

Maybe you’re packing your bags already?

With the academic year coming to an end and the final coursework being submitted, it’s highly likely you’ll be facing issues such as reaching the word count or having to pull the infamous all-nighter.

Whether you’re someone who is always on top of their deadlines or well known for being last minute, all students have faced their fair share of crises when it comes to uni work.

With the majority of this year’s learning being completed online, it’s felt like students have been left it in the dark more than ever when it comes to uni work.

Whether dropping out is something you’ll only ever threaten to do, or you’re taking a break packing your bags to read this, take this quiz to find out how likely you are to drop out based on your common work crises.


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