11 ways to say you go to Lancaster Uni, without actually saying it

Put a finger down, Lancaster edition… x

Your time at Lancaster University will most likely be tainted by some very specific memories of campus and town. If you mentioned one of these things in conversation casually, then 99 per cent of Lancaster students will immediately know you’re one of them.

We rounded up a list of the 11 most Lancaster Uni things we could come up with, and you’re guaranteed to recognise exactly 100 per cent of them! You really can’t be a student here and expect to escape them for all three years…

1. Norman the Library Tree

If you happen to be a serious student, you may find yourself in the library and face the majesty of Norman (RIP) since replaced. Gone by never forgotten, Norman is probably the most iconic part of Lancs, to be honest.

2. The Underpass

Does any other Uni have this? This feat of engineering genius? No, we didn’t think so, and that’s why it makes it on the list because it’s just really cool.

3. Williamson Park

Ah, Williamson… every Lancs student’s right of passage. As soon as the sun peeks out, you’ll find everyone you know having a pint in the grace, even that one random kid who only showed up to the first seminar of the year, then never again.

4. Grizedale 2 for £6 Cocktails

Speaking of drinking, you may have your biases college-wise, but no one can deny the importance of Grizedale bar’s amazing cocktail deal! We believe that the two for £6 cocktail deal has been the pillar of Lancs since 1964.

5. The ducks!

Okay, maybe we were wrong about Grizedale; these fluffy fellas are what’s been keeping this Uni alive. If you’re having a bad day or need some fresh air, seeking these little guys out is bound to fulfil all your serotonin needs! They even have an Insta page of their own!

6. Roses

Lancs’ time to shine, any Lancs student who knows their worth has for sure been to Roses and brought us back some glory! Boo York!

7. Giant College Chairs

An absolute staple that all students need to witness and take a picture in! They represent Freshers Week and Extrav – if the chairs come out, you know you’re in for a great (and messy) time!!

8. Lancaster Castle

After Williamson Park, here comes Lancaster’s second staple landmark! You want to get a bit historical and grab a coffee and some cake at the same time? This is the place to be

9. Bowland Hate

We may not all agree on everything, on what course is best, which college has the nicest people, but one thing all Lancs students can agree on and rally around is the Bowland hate! It’s the worst!

10. Sultans

You didn’t think we’d forget Sultans, did you? Of course not; forgetting Sultans would be like forgetting to breathe! If Lancs were a body, Sultans would be the heart pumping the blood out, the blood coursing through the veins, and the brain that keeps everyone happy and alive. They are the true end to a night out and go hand in hand with our last pick…

11. The Sugar House

Obviously, we couldn’t forget Sugar, every Uni students best friend. We regret that you’ve been closed this year, mate, but we’ll always remember the crazy nights you gave us! See you soon.

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