QUIZ: Tell us how your degree’s going and we’ll tell you what you’ll leave behind in July

Aside of course from your dignity and will to live

For many Lancs students, the fact that we are already in the third term of the 20/21 academic year comes as an unpleasant and unwelcome shock.

The time has come for the last-minute rushing of dissertations, desperate attempts at cramming in some revision and even more desperate attempts at having as many nights out as feasible now that the pubs are open.

For many, this will be the last couple of months that they’ll spend in their on or off-campus accommodation (until September at least); which will only exacerbate the panic felt as concerns rise over whether you’ll be able to shift all your prized possessions back home on the train or in a likely ill-suited car.

The likelihood is that something will be left behind, but don’t stress – this hopefully insightful and informative quiz is here to help by giving you an indication of what it is you might forget to take with you based on how well you’re currently doing in your degree.

What are you likely to forget? Where will you leave it? Is there even any correlation between how well your degree’s going and what you’ll misplace? Take the quiz and find out.

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