QUIZ: Which Lancaster stereotype are you?

Eternal respect to the person that actually contributes in breakout rooms

The common tropes of different kinds of Lancaster students are prevalent all over campus and the city, from Sainsbury’s to the Spine. Try as you might to avoid being unoriginal, it seems inevitable that you fall into one of the key Lancs categories.

It could be how we dress, speak, or even the alcohol that we choose to buy, it’s rare to make it through your degree without ever slipping into cliché. Some are more obvious than others but all of them can be spotted if you look hard enough.

Whether you’re just curious, want to avoid the key characteristics of a particular stereotype, or you’d just simply like to procrastinate from a rapidly-approaching deadline, help is at hand with this nifty quiz to enlighten you of which Lancaster stereotype that you’re at risk of succumbing to.

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