Quiz: We’ll tell you what your post-lockdown Lancaster reunion should be

Sugar? Spoons? Somewhere other than your bedroom?

As the shutting down of everything non-essential persists, and universities continue to insist on you not reaping any rewards from your £9,000 investment, the phrase “when lockdown ends” is starting to sound as optimistic as “when I get a first-class degree…”

Lancaster is filled to the brim with possible pastimes to procrastinate from your degree away in a normal year. Still, the trilogy of lockdowns we’ve thoroughly enjoyed has made even going to Spar seem like a luxury, one that by now most people getting sick of.

Consequently, your head may be spinning right now with all the various possibilities of how you’ll spend your time in the unlikely scenario that we’re ever allowed outside again; so to provide a helping hand, we at the Lancaster Tab have drawn up this quiz to enlighten you on where your first post-lockdown reunion with friends should be and what you should do with them.

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