We recreated those weird Zara poses to see if they’d make a fire Insta

Do we look boujee? We feel boujee

Everyone can agree that Zara’s fashion can be bold and extravagant at times, and yes, the models should probably pose in a way reflective of the clothes they’re modelling. But recently social media has blown up, questioning the bizarre and wacky ways that Zara models have been working their clothes

Whilst the world went wild over Zara poses, it became obvious. Most of these poses are easy to create from home, but in lockdown, does a model really need to pose with the TV remote? Why does she have to stand on a stove to show off heels? Is putting the shoe above her head really necessary? 

We created some of the best Zara poses to see how successful we’d be on Insta, and to find out just how easy they are to achieve:

I always look this good using the TV remote

This is one for when you’ve got your crush over. You’re going to turn Netflix on, and you’re going to look cool doing it.

Whilst they might argue that no one changes the channel like this, and that no television is ever that low, you have to overcome their criticism. Whilst you may not have a bright green off the shoulder dress, improvisation is key. I got a chair and the TV remote and copied the pose, wondering what Zara was thinking? Is this going to work? I’ll let you know post-lockdown. 

For when you ask for a chat in the bathroom

It’s not often that I get to use the phrase “this went well considering how boring my bathroom looks.” But there’s a first time for everything and this was the first and definitely the last time that I would pose on the edge of my bath. This set up is made for the middle of pres, when you and a pal have a chat whilst one of you use the toilet. 

I don’t know how the model made it look so natural, my main focus was trying not to slide off rather than on how I looked. The closer zoom on my photo may look like a mistake when it was actually just an attempt to minimise the appearance of my bathroom’s green carpets and maximise the overall classiness of the look.

Oh, I’m just relaxing

This looks graceful and effortless when the model does it. There is no pain in her face even though this pose is basically a reverse crunch. For some reason, putting your hands in your back pockets makes this easier but what isn’t so easy is getting your back at the angle she has it whilst also not looking uncomfortable.

Cooking up something good

So, this one had to be done. It was just a case of who’s really willing to risk their neck for the gram?

Not only was this a nightmare to recreate in heels but I accidentally knocked a dial that switched the hob on. Only noticed when I sat down to slide off and now I have a red circle on my thigh to show for it. Despite perhaps this being an imaginative set up, we can’t see it impressing anyone on Insta. Everyone in the flat will be concerned about your actions, and questioning what point you’re trying to prove. 

Baby, it’s cold outside

This is definitely a look. How is anyone supposed to know what the coat will actually look like when the model wears it backwards? I tried this look and honestly, there is no way I would leave the house like this. The pose alone is rather odd, is she looking so grumpy because she forgot how to wear the coat properly? This has to be one of the strangest model poses Zara has ever done.

I didn’t even notice I had a piano

Oh yeah, I have a keyboard. Yeah, I can play chopsticks on it. I am an impressive master of all trades. This photo screams budget in every way, from the keyboard, to the plastic sunglasses all the way to the lack of books in the background. Unlike the model I hadn’t worn the white jeans in a while and I had considerable trouble folding one leg over the other.

Luckily, my disinterested, moody model face was able to disguise me gritting my teeth while I squeezed and held the pose. You’d think with my lack of height it would be relatively easy to achieve the aeroplane view that the model so effectively achieves but this was not the case. Maybe it’s better to leave some things to the professionals. 

These boots are made for walking

This pose is very easy to recreate. All you need is a singular boot and a classic moody model facial expression. Who knows why the shoe needs to be held on the head? Zara will forever be a mystery.

Whilst everyone might be questioning the need, don’t fret. The boot implies that you are ready to walk the walk. You mean business, and that is sexy. Boots are, indeed, made for walking.

Big Beige Energy

Apparently my granny blanket is the only beige thing I own so this was fun to recreate in our 30°C flat that has only one window which opens about two inches. The uni accommodation chairs kind of make this recreation though. Set three apart from the others at pres, and use them as a space to nap later in the evening. Effortless. 

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