12 #albumcover TikToks any Lancs student can relate to

We hopped on the trend and, honestly, we’re addicted

TikTok. Everyone is talking about it! While it’s been around for a while now, we’re not used to “throwing it back” just yet (still mourning Vine, RIP). So to pop our TikTok cherry, we downloaded the app, hopped on the bandwagon and strived for TikTok fame by recreating these album covers for every Lancs student to relate to.

While we don’t claim to be Charli D’Amelio or Addison Rae, we were ready to accept the #albumcoverchallenge. Our inspiration came from a TikTok with a girl matching an Ariana Grande cover and oh my, it inspired us to spend the next 24 hours making TikToks. But we wanted to put our own spin on it, Lancaster Uni style. 

(Because why spend time writing that essay that’s due next week when you can spend all day making TikToks dressed up as Ariana Grande? Thank you, next.)

1. Pulling a guy in Sugar

When we came up with the idea to do this article, we instantly thought of this song. Not every girl wants to be in a serious relationship, but this sure is relatable to those who don’t bother with one night stands and want to avoid the walk of shame at 9am the next morning. 

2. 50 likes and I’ll drop out

Not gonna lie, when I started an Arts degree, I was hoping the rumours were true and it would be easy. RIP me.

(Borrowed my flatmate’s Physics notes for this which felt poetic.)

3. Life goals

Everyone has had that awkward moment when they tell the careers adviser their hopes and dreams for their perfect career in life, to then be shot down and told that it is very unlikely you will become a best-selling author with a creative writing degree (not what I wanted to hear in my first lecture but okay ). We all want to be successful. It may be too ambitious to want to be as rich and famous as the likes of Miss Grande, but we can dream.

4. FASS-MATHS *sigh*

You know it’s bad when the only social contact you’ve had in two weeks of lockdown is the daily email from FASS-MATHS. Not even a pandemic could stop them. God bless the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – yep, that’s what it stands for.

5. Cutting C and rec teams

With the news of the SU cutting C and rec teams from college sport, this is a matter which affects many students. So what better way to raise awareness than making it into a TikTok? Lots of students have protested against this by signing petitions and trying to alter this decision to make sure college sport is inclusive. While there has been no permanent change as of yet, we must all keep crossing our fingers that the SU won’t make this cut.

6. Reality check

Of course, we can also be realistic. Excuse me, just trying not to cry on Sal from Sultan’s shoulder again.

(The biggest effort here was 1. Not burning my own hair and 2. Not burning down my flat.)

7. Coursework and Exams

Making TikToks all day is a good way of procrastinating. 

This look was the hardest to recreate. I certainly don’t have Normani’s body and her hair is larger than life itself! But I improvised. Good thing I own a white crop top and denim jeans.

8. Shots… Shots… Shots…

Picture it, you are back in Daltons, Skint Mondays, and you see your mate come back from the bar with a tray full of jägerbombs. They give them to you and tell you to down them all. What do you say? “Easy!” You may end up passing out on the GLOW dance floor or not making it home fully intact, but nobody backs out from doing shots. 

To recreate this look, I’m thankful for the flowers in my garden for being in bloom. All I had to sacrifice was getting grass stains on my joggers as I laid down and held the flower over my head. It was worth it.

9. (Also pulling a guy in Sugar)

There are two kinds of Lancs students in Sugar – those on the pull and those who aren’t.

(Sidenote: this was first TikTok I ever made. Go me.)

10. Speaking of Sugar…

Honestly, there is nothing more apt than rolling over on a Thursday morning having missed two lectures and a seminar, with the worst headache and some random still in bed next to you – only to see Whoops Wednesday stamped on your arm. Whoops, indeed.

11. Deadlines

In lockdown, procrastination has been at its all time highest. With online lectures, seminars and coursework deadlines, as well as adapting to living in isolation, deadlines have been pushed to the back of my mind. If the deadline isn’t this week, I won’t start it now.

Truth be told, this was the trickiest TikTok to film. After asking my mum to borrow her car keys, I had to ask my sister to hold the phone behind the wheel as I struggled to get into the car with the bun on my head. I have never parted my fringe before so this is the only time you will ever see my eyebrows on show. 

12. Sultans, our lord and saviour

It’s true, we ask too much of Sultans – from free water and endless requests for cheesy chips to dealing with our drunk mistakes and then dealing with our drunk crying. But who else will love you as much as the guy from Sultans, as you walk through the door to those two words that will make any Lancs student swoon – “My friends!”

How did we do? Do we really look like Dua Lipa and Selena Gomez lookalikes? Not really… But at least our new found TikTok addiction is being channelled productively.


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