Eleanor Bowskill

Black people are five times more likely to be stopped and searched in Lancashire

Black people living in Lancashire are five times more likely to be stopped by officers than white people

Black Lives Matter resources you can access easily at Lancs uni

Full books available on one search – no excuses

Black Lives Matter protest happening in Lancaster tomorrow

The peaceful protest will take place in Dalton Square on Wednesday

What’s on(line) in Lancaster: Week one

Stay home but stay connected

I made face masks fashionable by making them myself everyday for a week

AND coordinated them with my outfits xx

Students should learn a lesson from the reaction to Adele’s ‘glow-up’

How can it be a glow-up when she was glowing before?

People are confused about the new gov guidelines, but not about these new Lancs memes

When it comes to memes nothing has ever been clearer

UCLan accommodation fees waived for 1,600 students

Regardless of whether or not they have moved out or want to continue to live there

Your LUSU FTO candidates 2020: In their own words

Are they up to the job? You decide

Which ‘The IT Crowd’ character you are, based on your college

‘You’re not going to Adam and Believe this’

‘Get in, get your money extracted, get degree, go on’: A postdoc’s view on strikes

‘If the staff are being badly treated and poorly paid then the student experience is going to deteriorate’

We did Veganuary on a student budget and honestly, it’s easy

Yes, even in Lancaster

UCLan students put on meningitis alert after an undergrad was treated last month

Antibiotics have been given to those in contact with the student

Quizmas day 11: Which Christmas drink are you based on your personality?

Everyone wants to be Prosecco don’t even lie

‘We’re encouraged to think of students as customers’: We spoke to Lancs lecturers about why they’re striking

And why you should be supporting them