Eleanor Bowskill

Eleanor Bowskill
Lancaster University


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Vote for Lancaster’s longest lingerer 2022: Heat one

It’s time to have your say x

It’s time to nominate Lancaster’s Longest Lingerer 2022

Because we all know someone who’s been here way too long

When did Pendle Brew become the best bar on campus?

Pendle had a glow up and we’re here for it x

21 things you could buy with the average lecturer salary they miss out on through strikes

306 VK’s, anyone?

Students first complained three years ago about lecturer who used paedophile site

Stephen Birkett was only moved away from ‘student-facing roles’ at the start of this term

‘Striking is very painful’: We asked Lancs Uni lecturers why they’re striking

‘Because lecturers are so bound up with their students, any action they take automatically has an impact on the students themselves’

13 per cent of Lancs students say they’ve been spiked since clubs reopened, survey finds

Many victims say they were kicked out for ‘being too drunk’

Which Disney Channel girl are you, deep within your soul? Take this quiz to find out

We can’t all be Alex Russo x

Only a true Cheetah sister would get 12/15 on this Cheetah Girls lyrics quiz

You gotta strut like you mean it x

These Uber TikToks are keeping women safe at night

There’s even a mum version

People on TikTok are only just realising what these Lily Allen lyrics actually mean

If you listened to Lily Allen as a kid you’re automatically a bad bitch now x

Tell us your shower routine and we’ll tell you which Jake Gyllenhaal era is your soulmate

A stinky Jake is a sexy Jake x

16 telltale signs that flatcest is happening in your uni house

There are SO many places to sit other than his lap, c’mon

Here’s what the ‘previous owners’ trend on TikTok actually means

Wait, how many miles am I supposed to have done?

Everything girls should be told about the pill, but simply aren’t

If you feel like a different person the pill might be to blame

Only the queen of hyperpop herself would get 15/15 on this Charli XCX lyrics quiz

Got the key, can you unlock it?

Here are all the types of hot girl you’ll meet at uni this year

If you’re selling half your wardrobe on Vinted you’re definitely an oat milk hot girl

Love Island’s producers must take responsibility for the damaging situations they set up

Offering to pick up the pieces afterwards doesn’t excuse anything

Lancaster Friends of Palestine society to hold demonstration on Wednesday

The demonstration aims to put pressure on local councillors to vote in solidarity with Palestine

Dear celebs, we don’t need your patronising mental health advice

Keep your eyes on the government and away from Instagram

QUIZ: Which Billie Eilish era are you, really?

Yes, changing your hair colour is a personality trait x

Unis have been running consent classes for years, but they’re not enough

If the classes are optional, then so is consent

Protest in Dalton Square after Crime Bill backed by MPs

‘No justice, no peace, fuck the police’

‘We pride ourselves on welcoming everyone at the club’: An interview with korfball society

‘For those who have played a team sport before, there is no denying the immense benefits it brings’

Lancaster students report an increased police presence on campus

Police visited multiple townhouses to issue written and verbal warnings about fines

Here are eight things all Lancs students should be manifesting in 2021

In the words of Ari ‘I get everything I want ’cause I attract it’

Holding out for a hero: The saviours of the online seminar

My camera is off but just know that I’m giving you heart eyes right now x

Lancaster University announce details for 2021 exams

Undergraduate students won’t have more than one exam within a 24 hour period

Lancaster students petition for ‘significant safety net’ following third national lockdown

‘Being expected to produce the same standard of work, as if it were a normal year, during a pandemic is simply absurd’

Lancs students who need to return to uni due to personal circumstances can come back to campus

This includes a lack of alternative accommodation, family circumstances, a lack of study space and welfare

Quizmas day five: Plan a night out in Lancs and we’ll tell you what Christmas movie you are

Clubs being shut is the biggest ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ x

Quizmas day four: Which boxing day leftovers are you based on your effort this term?

Please, please, please be the pigs in blankets x

‘How do I keep my flatcest a secret?’: Lancs Uni’s agony aunt solves your sex lives

I suppose that might be the only way to find love during a pandemic

‘I’m really broke’: Lancs Uni’s agony aunt returns to fix your lives

We’re back and better than ever x

Sultans give out free masks to thank students for their support

Every time a student visits the restaurant wearing a mask they will receive 10 per cent off their order

Lancs uni’s agony aunt is here to solve all your problems

Grab your popcorn huns because this gets INTERESTING x

‘We don’t think they’re doing enough’: JSoc on Lancaster Uni not adopting IHRA definition

The Education Secretary has threatened to cut all funding to unis that don’t adopt the definition

LUSU announce Sugarhouse will pause operations until September 2021

‘The Sugarhouse is unable to meet its running costs due to the social distancing requirements.’

Government set to announce plans for Lancashire lockdown tomorrow

Areas in local lockdown will include Lancaster, Preston, Chorley and Fylde to name a few.

Love Island’s Tommy Fury was in Sultans tonight

Sultans gave Tommy a whole tub of mayo

‘Shameful and disgusting’: BAME Students’ Officer in favour of renaming The Sugarhouse

‘The celebration of the name Sugarhouse overlooks the history of those who were sacrificed to ensure that the Empire succeeded’

Lancaster Uni are honouring original offers after A-Level U-Turn

Medicine students will be guaranteed a deferred place for next year

Meet Charli, autistic and disabled activist and Lancaster Uni student

“It’s difficult to push against a system that doesn’t seem to be built for you.”

‘We are constrained on space, there is no doubt about it’: New details for 2020/21 at Lancs

The Faraday LT will be using less than 20 per cent capacity

Lancaster Uni library will be re-opening from Monday 6th July

The library service will ‘look a little different to usual.’

Lancaster Uni are reviewing David Starkey’s grad status in light of racist comments

‘The petition is very simple: David Starkey is a racist and should not be honoured by Lancaster University’

Meet Anastasia Sharp, the new drag queen from Lancaster uni

‘Drag is best when it’s an authentic expression.’

‘Surround the Town’: Black Lives Matter protesters are taking the knee in Lancaster tomorrow

Protestors will take the knee wherever they are at 6 pm on Wednesday

What’s On(line) in Lancaster: Week four

The term may be coming to an end, but there are more activities than ever!

What’s On(line) in Lancaster: Week three

We’re back this week to talk sports, art, politics and more.

‘Lancsters’ meme page post abelist content

The post has since been removed from the page

What’s on(line) in Lancaster: Week two

A week packed with charity and community!

Only 1.25 per cent of academic staff at Lancaster Uni are black

The university have a lot to work on

Black people are five times more likely to be stopped and searched in Lancashire

Black people living in Lancashire are five times more likely to be stopped by officers than white people

Black Lives Matter resources you can access easily at Lancs uni

Full books available on one search – no excuses

Black Lives Matter protest happening in Lancaster tomorrow

The peaceful protest will take place in Dalton Square on Wednesday

What’s on(line) in Lancaster: Week one

Stay home but stay connected

I made face masks fashionable by making them myself everyday for a week

AND coordinated them with my outfits xx

Students should learn a lesson from the reaction to Adele’s ‘glow-up’

How can it be a glow-up when she was glowing before?

People are confused about the new gov guidelines, but not about these new Lancs memes

When it comes to memes nothing has ever been clearer

UCLan accommodation fees waived for 1,600 students

Regardless of whether or not they have moved out or want to continue to live there

Your LUSU FTO candidates 2020: In their own words

Are they up to the job? You decide

Which ‘The IT Crowd’ character you are, based on your college

‘You’re not going to Adam and Believe this’

‘Get in, get your money extracted, get degree, go on’: A postdoc’s view on strikes

‘If the staff are being badly treated and poorly paid then the student experience is going to deteriorate’

We did Veganuary on a student budget and honestly, it’s easy

Yes, even in Lancaster

‘I felt more likely to fail’: We spoke to Lancs students who got unconditional offers

It’s not as easy as it seems

UCLan students put on meningitis alert after an undergrad was treated last month

Antibiotics have been given to those in contact with the student

Quizmas day 11: Which Christmas drink are you based on your personality?

Everyone wants to be Prosecco don’t even lie

‘We’re encouraged to think of students as customers’: We spoke to Lancs lecturers about why they’re striking

And why you should be supporting them