It is time to vote for the final round of Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC 2020

Only two remain, but who will take the crown?

The end is near. After three months of getting to know the lavish lives of 16 of Lancaster’s well loved BNOCs, the competition has heated up and now we are left with only two competitors. It all comes down to this. Our finalists have made one final vow to tell you why they deserve to be Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC of 2020, but there can only be one winner. This is your final chance to vote for Lancaster’s biggest name on campus. Use your vote wisely.

Rachel Campbell

Rachel won heat two of the competition and came second place in the semi-finals, landing her the first spot in the grand final.

“This news is insane. Being in the finals of a contest like this is crazy news to a country bumpkin like me! Winning this contest would just make my first year here at Lancs. I’m so grateful to have met so many amazing people and lifelong friends throughout first year and I can’t wait to meet even more people in the years ahead.

“Honestly I just love to chat to new people and learn about their life experiences as that enriches my knowledge about the world. Thank you to whoever nominated me because now I can spread a cute message to everyone reading this: Never be afraid to say hi to someone, it could make their day or they could even become one of your closest friends.

“So, remember, each vote is a vote closer to victory – bring it on!”

Amy Merchant

With an astounding 77% of the votes from the semi-final, Amy is killing her competitors in each knock-out round.

“I think I deserve to win this glorious title because of the simple fact that I’ll probably never be able to let go and just leave Lancaster Uni. If you know me, you know how much I love it. There’s not an aspect of university life that I haven’t been involved in (apart from sport ha ha ha).

“I would like to earn the holy trinity of Lancaster Uni titles: County President, Vice President Welfare, and most Notorious BNOC. Out of those three, it would be the title I would be most proud of. It would be better than graduating. It would be the pinnacle of my journey at Lancaster. It would probably be life changing. It would be one for the history books.”

So who will be your winner? Vote below for Lancaster’s most notorious BNOC 2020!