AJ and Curtis Pritchard performed at a Swansea Uni Freshers’ event and it was painful

Literally no one was there

A video from Swansea Freshers’ Week has emerged on TikTok of Love Island’s AJ Pritchard and his brother Curtis performing to a grand audience of “a few”.

A girl called Gemma posted the video to TikTok on Friday 30th September of the two brothers on stage asking: “Are we all excited to be starting university?”, to which a single cheer replied from the crowd.

Those in the audience pictured by the TikToker are seemingly not even paying attention to the act on stage.

However, in the comments, Gemma clarified: “There were a few more than in the pic but like not many at all” after someone asked: “Did no one show up?”

Another TikToker commented: “They would literally turn up to the opening of a gate.”

Featured image via @Gemmaawynot on TikTok.

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