Halls 101: Every kind of person you will find in your Cardiff Uni halls

Suddenly private accommodation is looking pretty good


Freshers’ Week is officially over and by now, most people have settled into their accommodation for the year…or maybe not in some cases.

Halls can be quite the experience, and amongst the friends for life you’re sure to make whilst you’re there, you can be sure to meet some *interesting* people during your stay.

Because of this, we have narrowed it down to seven types of people that we can guarantee you will encounter over the next year, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

The neat freak

This person is both a blessing and a curse. They will not only clean their own mess, but the whole flat’s mess if they see fit. They will be the ones to let you know that your grapes have gone bad and that the bins are overflowing, but if you don’t take care of it within the next 24 hours they may take their passive-aggression to the next level by leaving a 5 minute voice note in the chat.

The chef

Whilst the rest of the flat can just about tackle a pesto pasta or maybe a stir fry, there is always that one person who will prepare a three course, michelin star meal on a daily basis. They will meal prep and batch cook until their hearts are content, and if you can’t find any space in the fridge because they’ve stocked up on their ingredients then that’s just tough. Delicious smells will fill the flat all day, everyday, but, of course, they won’t share that food with you.

The ghost

Is anyone there? You swear you saw them in Freshers’ Week, but after that they seem to have vanished. You occasionally hear sounds from their room, so they must be in there somewhere.

Either they are really social and are always out, or they’re just very shy. Either way, they seem to make it pretty clear that they hate everyone in the flat, so good luck making friends there.

The DJ

They think they’re the next Calvin Harris, blasting epic tunes whilst the crowd goes crazy for them. However, the reality of this is actually just some guy with a Spotify playlist and a kitchen full of unimpressed flatmates. They go out of their way not to play anyone else’s requests and exclusively put on DnB or Soundcloud rappers, it’s as if they’ve never heard of ABBA.

The one who is always with their partner 

This person comes as a package deal with their partner and this is not up for debate. If you want to make plans with them then be prepared for the other half to accompany them, otherwise those plans simply will not exist. A piece of advice: invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones if you are in the room next to them.

The messy one

Everyone knows who this person is…except that person. From a mountain of dirty dishes to takeaway packages under the table, they certainly know how to keep the poor cleaners on their toes. You can always rely on them to leave a little trail of their belongings wherever they go but will conveniently be out of the flat when it’s time to take the bins out. Living with this person can be character building to say the least and if you think your flat doesn’t have one of these people then we may have some news for you.

The influencer

This person moves in and you think to yourself that they look vaguely familiar, where have you seen them before? Could it be a long lost classmate from primary school? The girl who works at the deli in Tesco? Were they the one night stand you walked out on that time? And then they make their big “announcement”: they have 10k followers on Instagram.

They will always rope in their friends to help them learn new TikTok dances or to collab on a lip-sync, and you already know that their private story will be popping off. The best part about living with them is probably the free goodies they get sent, so it’s definitely worth keeping in with them if you want a free pair of PLT sunglasses.

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