Freshers’ 2022 is here and we’ve got you covered

We asked ex-freshers what they wish they’d known about Freshers’ Week first time around

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Freshers’ Week can sometimes seem a little overwhelming with so much going on, but we’re here to make it make sense.

We asked our followers to help us put together a list of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your freshers experience, so here are their top 8 things to remember.

Join accommodation and course group chats

Some of you will have already joined a few group chats, but arguably the most useful ones to join would be your accommodation and course chats. Finding out who you will be spending your year with can be really helpful, and you may even make a bestie from your course before you arrive in Cardiff.

Walk around the town

You’ve got to get to know Cardiff at some point while you’re here, so why not take some time in your first week to nose around and see the sights? If you wanted to spice things up, you could even do it as a pub crawl with your flatmates!

Don’t buy the wristbands

Three nights out from one wristband sounds like a great idea in theory, but the likelihood of you actually going to all of these events is pretty small so you won’t get your money’s worth. These are often the events that no one wants to go to anyway and if your mates haven’t got the same wristband as you, you won’t want to go on your own. Instead, buy tickets for specific events (such as YOLO in the SU) or wait to see which ones your flatmates are going to so you can all go together.

Go to the Freshers’ Fair and Give It A Go events

Societies and clubs are a really great way to meet like-minded people and get involved in university life. The Freshers’ Fair will give you an idea of what clubs are on offer, and the Give It A Go events allow you to actually experience what being a member of a club would be like before you join it. Bring a friend with you if you like, but don’t be put off if going on your own – the whole point is to meet new people and focus on your own interests.

Stock up on flu medicine

Freshers’ flu is real – be prepared!

Do a big food shop at the start of the week

Speaking of being prepared: if you’re planning on being out most of the week (and maybe being hungover for part of it) then the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about is going to Lidl. Get it over and done with at the start of the week so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about going hungry.

Everyone is in the same boat

You’ve probably heard this phrase over and over, but it is true. Everybody is a little nervous at first and just wants to make friends, so be nice to everyone and don’t be afraid to get to know people.

Have fun!

Freshers week is a bit of a whirlwind, but you’ll never have another week like it so just embrace it and get stuck in!

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