Help points with direct access to the police will be installed across Cardiff

Further measures will also be taken following a number of incidents across the city

Intercoms with direct access to the emergency services will be installed in three locations across Cardiff city centre. These intercoms will enable people to seek help if they feel threatened or unsafe in the city.

The installations come as South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael and other organisations such as Cardiff Council, Welsh Women’s Aid and South Wales Police, collaborated to secure almost £1.5m of funding from the Home Office to deliver this initiative. 

The help point intercoms will also be placed across Bridgend.

There will also be further measures put into place as well as the help points including expanding the South Wales Police Safety Bus project which supports vulnerable people during the night, installing new street-based CCTV cameras in key locations, installing more lighting in underpasses and expanding the number of “Safe Places” across Cardiff and Bridgend where people can seek help and refuge if they feel threatened or intimidated.

South Wales Police & Crime Commissioner Alun Michael said: “This money will be invested in making the streets of Cardiff and Bridgend safer for women and girls, as well as reducing the impact of anti-social behaviour across our communities.

“Preventing violence against women and girls has always been a specific priority for me as Commissioner and while we have done a lot to tackle the issue in South Wales, it remains one of the biggest problems we face and we must always strive to do more if we are to significantly reduce the intimidation and harassment experienced by women and girls across our communities.”

There is currently no publicly available information regarding a date for the installation of the intercoms.

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