Cardiff Revs is giving out free drinks after re-launching their club room

Because why launch something once when you can launch it twice?


With the start of uni and freshers just around the corner, Cardiff students are spoiled for choice when it comes to clubbing locations within the city. If this was not good enough, Revolutions, a favourite of Cardiff Uni students is re-launching their main club room and it’s set to be a student favourite.

The whole upstairs club room is being completely gutted out and re-done. For students looking for a good night out the new room will have state of the art production, lighting and sound making making one of the premier nights out for those who love the sesh.

Not only this, but the brand new clubroom will be fitted with new booths for those classic club night selfies and even a VIP room for when you want to feel like the main character.

The club room will be launching in line with the new saturday night brand ELEVATE and tickets are already on sale for the exclusive re-launch.

If this doesn’t already sound incredible, Move Together are putting on a deal where if you buy a ticket for the laugh party before midnight tonight, you’ll also get a free drink. I don’t know about you but that sounds like an incredible way to start the Uni year for a pre-broke student.

If you’d like a free drink with your ticket click here 

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