What does the Cathays street you live on say about you?

Please, please don’t let it be Coburn!!

If you’re a fresher deciding where to live next year, a stressed second year debating whether you’ve made the right decision, or a third year reminiscing about your years in Cathays. Well, then this is the article for you.

Whether you are a rugby lad, an indie girl, or more of the quiet type – this is where you should be living.

Live on Coburn if you love the sesh

Live on Coburn/Rhymney Street? Unfortunately, you picked the short straw when it came to choosing where to live. You’re the kind of person to leave dishes in the sink ‘to soak’ and call your dressing gown a ‘house coat’. Yep, we all know one…

You study either Law or Politics and tell everyone that you moved for the location and proximity to Gassy’s. But, in reality, instead of looking for people to live with, you waited for people to ask you. Due to this you now have the choice of Coburn and Rhymney, one has the ‘vibrant’ nightlife provided by The Vulcan and the other has the literal scariest bridge ever. Lovely.

You’re the kind of person to leave their keys at home because ‘there will be someone there to let me in.’ People call you arrogant, but you prefer the term ‘right’.

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Woodville Road is for the aspiring Forex traders who live in their North Face Puffers

Now there is a special breed of person that actively decides to live on Woodville Road. You probably study Business or Economics and call yourself a ‘future entrepreneur’ in your Tinder bio. You strive for that lads holiday lifestyle but the parents want you to get a degree.

You live next to kebab shops and ‘massage’ parlours. You’re not a student and your life is literally a stag do. Your life goal is to become a Forex trader and you definitely own Yeezys and a LV scarf.

The Woodville girls walk round in North Face Puffer jackets and Fila dinosaur stompers. You’ve probably done enough ket to kill off the Grand National, but none of this will ever remove the fact that you’re living off daddy’s money and driving a Fiat 500.

Tewkesbury or Malefant is for the English Lit girls of the world

So, you hate people, society and fun. Why else would you actively choose to live this far from town and the centre of Cathays, not to mention next to a cemetery. Granted, you have a nice house, but who really wants to do a DofE trek to get back home.

If this isn’t you then you probably study one of the arts, the ‘English Lit girl’ if you will. You go for long walks around the cemetery because that’s ‘what Poe would do’ and believe that Urban Outfitters is a substitute for a personality.

If you’re not the English Lit girl, then you’re the Geology boy. You’re the kind of person to actively choose University Halls for the location and go on a run for the fun of it. You’re kitted out in Karrimor and Berghaus because – let’s be honest – you’re not cool enough for North Face. 

Only basic bitches live on Miskin Street 

You chose this street purely to be close to the SU, bet you’re absolutely thrilled with that choice now. 

You’re probs a girl who lives in Gymshark and thinks a ‘wild night’ is a bottle of Echo Falls in your mates living room, or a gym lad that lives in the uni gym, owns a top that says “I’m not an athlete I’m an alphalete” and have deffo taken part in a suspect social.

We get it Johnnie, but doing a beer funnel and playing FIFA doesn’t make you interesting. 

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Still wear Superdry? You deffo live on Richards Street 

Did someone say maths student?? Situated between Rhymney street and Woodville road is the perfect place for you. You’re not as cool as the sesh heads of Rhymney, or as popular as the rich kids of Woodville – but, then again, you never aspired to be.

You drink Dark Fruits out of choice, believe Quids In is a ‘class night out’,  and can and will quote Lord of the Rings while condescendingly telling arts students that their degree is gonna get them nowhere. Your choice of pub is The Mackintosh, which pretty much sums you up (always a good time, but never anyone’s first choice).

You still wear Superdry and walking boots, because you never know when you’ll encounter tercentennial jungle conditions in Cathays. You’re not a dick, but neither are you anything special – and you’ve spent your uni existence being painfully average.

So there we have it, what your Cathays road says about you. You might love it, you might hate it, but let’s face it. It’s true really.

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