Here’s what you need to know about the new club night featuring an all-girls room

This ones for all you dancing Queens


Bored of the same old club nights week in, week out? Never have anywhere to go for that midweek boogie? Well, there’s a brand-new club night in town that is threatening to make Tuesday night the new Friday night. Introducing: Tutti Frutti.

What is Tutti Frutti?

Every Tuesday at Revolutions there will be a club night like no other. Let’s get the standard stuff out of the way. Not only will you get incredibly low drinks such as £1 drinks, £2 doubles and £5 Fruity Buckets. Entry will only cost you a ridiculous £1 and there will be three different rooms of the best music soundtrack your evening.

But what makes Tutti Frutti so special?

Well Tutti Frutti is offering the first-ever girls-only room in Cardiff. Tired of feeling uncomfortable every time you go out to a club? Or having to cut your nights out short? No more, Tutti Frutti here making an active step into protecting women and providing a safe space for girls to party the night away.

If you didn’t think that it could get any better then think again. Remember that amazing music that will be making you feel like the main character all night? Well, Reba Kimber from Bump & Grind will be providing wall-to-wall tunes till closing in the Girl’s Only Room.

What can you expect of Tutti Frutti?

A spokesperson from Tutti Frutti described the night as “Tutti Frutti brings something brand new to the city. With a massive focus on fun, crazy decor and content, and the Tutti Crew who you’ll get to know soon, it’s going to feel totally different to your average student night. Our girls-only party room will be a Cardiff first and a lad-free zone where girls can just enjoy their night together.”

Throughout the night the ‘Tutti Girls’ will be interacting with the crowd, giving out sweets, and starting the party in the best way possible. Pick and Mix at the start of your night out, sounds like a sweet deal for when those drunk cravings kick in.

The all-girls party room is a first for Cardiff and is unmissible, so don’t waste time in checking it out. To find out more visit their insta page: Tutti Frutti

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