Welsh student arrested and charged after defacing Captain Tom’s memorial with faeces

She was protesting on behalf of End UK Private Jets

A Welsh former medical student has been arrested after pouring a bucket of liquid which allegedly contained faeces and urine on a memorial for Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Maddie Budd, 21, targeted the statue of Captain Tom who gained national attention during the pandemic when he raised £32 million for NHS charities.

End UK Private Jets posted a video on Twitter of Maddie performing the stunt on behalf of them which racked up views of almost 500,000. She was then quickly reported to Derbyshire Police. The account included a quote from Maddie that appears to explain her reasoning for defacing the memorial, saying: “Every time a private jet takes off, it pours a bucket of shit and blood on everything Captain Tom stood for.”

According to End UK Private Jets’ Twitter account, Maddie was arrested by police in London. She has now been charged with criminal damage.

Captain Tom Moore’s daughter, Hannah, has spoken out on Twitter saying that she was “deeply saddened” by the incident as the memorial is there as a “celebration of his life and the causes that he stood for.”

Ms Budd’s father, Jim has also spoken out about the incident, telling the MailOnline: “The shock of this is hurting people and upsetting them.

“I’m ashamed of her and what she has done. There has been a big public reaction for obvious reasons. I don’t think she understands what the hell she was unleashing.

“She’s done something horrible without thinking of the consequences.”

Mr Budd continued by saying that he unsuccessfully tried to get in contact with his daughter after hearing about what she had done. He finished by saying that he was “ashamed” of her and her actions.

Feature Image: End UK Private Jets

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