Juice is hoping you’re their valentine this V-Day

The Valentine’s rose drop off is part of their Juice stunts

The student union’s popular student night, Juice, wants students to be their valentine this year.

Representatives of the event have been going around Cathays over two days handing out roses to students or leaving them at their doorsteps to show a bit of love before the big day, and their Valentine’s special on Saturday, February 12th. Who cares if you won’t be getting flowers from a significant other when Juice has you on their roster?

The organisers behind these Juice rose drop-offs told The Cardiff Tab that this was part of their many upcoming Juice stunts and just a bit of V-Day fun.

Even the pole has a valentine

What if you already have a Valentine?

One student told The Cardiff Tab: “I have a boyfriend but who says no to Juice? He’s going to have to come with me.”

There really is no excuse considering it isn’t actually on Valentine’s Day, just a little bit before. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition so just drag your valentine out with you, nothing says love like a VK (or four).

Besides, what better way to have a little Valentine’s celebration all loved up on the dance floor. Or having the time of your life celebrating Palentine’s.

A little SU love

Upcoming Juice stunts

If you weren’t one of the 200 lucky ones getting a personalised rose from your favourite night out, don’t worry because more is to come. When the loan is looking a bit slim and your overdraft is begging for a break, Juice is bringing out their Golden Pineapple Scavenger Prize which will have cash prizes upwards of £100 each.

Rumour has it you might be the one to win £250. So it’s probably best to be well aquatinted with their social media just to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Did you manage to snag a rose?

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