A Cardiff University student has been fined for a lockdown party

The student had been given a £2,026 fine initially

Eloise Calodoucas, a 21-year-old studying International Relations, was caught in breach of Covid-19 restrictions last February.

Police arrived at the house on Rhymney Terrace at 12:30am and received no initial response when knocking on the door. Upon their eventual entry, they found 17 people attending the party, amongst them was Eloise Calodoucas.

She has been given a £2,026 fine due to her failure to attend the initial court hearing, however she was also unable to attend her succeeding mandated court appearance due to testing positive for Covid.

Upon her eventual appearance at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court, Ms Calodoucas explained that she had not received her initial court summons due to a change in her address since the date of the party.

Speaking to WalesOnline, Ms Calodoucas said that: “In light of recent circumstances it’s frustrating, but that’s all I have to say really.”

As such, she pleaded to receive the equivalent to a fixed penalty notice – a £60 fine – and the court accepted that the initial court summons failed to reach her, prompting the dropping of the £2,026 charge. Alongside the £60 fine, Ms Calodoucas will have to pay a further £50 for prosecution costs and £34 victim services surcharge, bringing the final cost to £144.

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