Covid, Christmas, and Cathays: My experience of isolating in a student house during Christmas

Could it get any more festive?

With Omicron on the rise, we’re faced with the unfortunate reality that many Cardiff students are being forced to change their Christmas plans. A Covid Christmas in Cathays is a scenario that this time last year, I would have assumed impossible. But, once again, we’re discussing isolation in student houses.

An Instagram poll by The Cardiff Tab revealed that over a 100 students are isolating in Cathays this Christmas. I am, sadly, one of them. And here’s everything I have experienced through the stages of student isolation in Cathays:


as I saw my Christmas plans shatter

The unfortunate reality that the positive result text from NHS Wales was not a joke.

I really did have to spend ten days inside our mouldy dark terrace house. I think the bigger stress was: Who’s going to do my food shop?!


as I pep-talked myself into doing actual work

Ten days is a long time indoors, but that can only mean one thing: Uni work. In ten days think of the amount of work that can be done, think of the deep clean you could give your uni house, think of all of the washing you can do.

It was time to catch-up on procrastinated tasks. Ahhh, if only I had the effort.

Wallowing and regret

as I tried to survive the sad reality

It’s a sad time to be trapped inside. While everybody else is out on Christmas pub crawls, I am sat indoors questioning what type of pasta to have for dinner. Watching back to back films on Netflix while eating copious amounts of chocolate is my only acceptable coping mechanism.

Which then led to my downward spiral of regret: What a waste of a long ten days, if I was more organised I could’ve caught up the six weeks of uni that I haven’t done. Why did I go to the final snolo? Realistically, it’s probably where I caught it.


as I rejoiced in my triumph

Finally, the long ten days came to a slow end. Isolation comes with its highs, and many lows, but this felt like months. Nothing was accomplished, bar finishing all of my favourite series. Now off to Lidl and then back to sit in the house, with the excitement of knowing I can leave whenever I want.

Missing 21sts, not being able to attend your sport team’s Christmas party are events you might feel you will never have again. Then there’s those of us stuck with housemates we hate, or those who are by themselves in the house. But there are numerous ways to help cheer yourself up, including video calls, blasting music, and spending your loan on Ubereats.

So there you have it, from one student in isolation to another, I wish you a safe and healthy Christmas – out of isolation!

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