VOTE NOW: Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette

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The time has come to choose Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette of 2017.

We’ve got to know our contestants in the last two weeks and we can certainly expect the results to be close this year, as everyone that participated has been an exceptional candidate.

Here is a quick reminder of who’s competing and their personal highlights:

Hannah Wright

Our first nominee was Hannah who is a second year Business Management and French student. We found out that she is “a master of many tongues”, speaking French, Spanish and Hebrew. An interesting fact about Hannah is that she was once an U17 national swing ball champion.

Apparently she is a “true master of charm with her northern wit, ambitious dance moves and seductive linguistic ability.”

Annette Chen

Our second nominee was Annette, a third year Law and Business student. As well has having “beauty, brains and banter” she’s always up for trying out new sports, recently having taken up volleyball, skiing and spinning!

In her spare time she loves jet setting. Currently, she’s trying to visit all forty-four countries in Europe before she heads back to Hong-Kong next year. Annette also loves to cook, as she was described as a”‘whizz in the kitchen.” According to her nominators, her “stunning personality and love for life make her light up a room.”

Alexandra Bevis

Our third nomination went to third year PPE student, Alexandra. Although she definitely does not want to pursue politics as a career, she is currently chairman of the Warwick Conservative party which she describes as being “great fun.” Alexandra is a massive real ale fan, often frequenting the CAMRA award-winning pub in Leamington, the Somerville Arms. She says that “the locals are a good laugh, and enjoy taking the piss.”

Her nominators described her as “a modern woman who is smart, sporty, and Chair of the Sports Exec and Warwick Conservatives. Like Margaret Thatcher if she was hot.” With another stating she is: “hot, hilarious and powerful, she makes Tory rhyme with sexy!”

Isabel Stark

Our next nomination went to the beautiful Isabel, who is a second year History of Art student. In her spare time, as an aesthete, she likes reading Ruskin’s The Stones of Venice in situ, debating the International Style vs. Post Modernism with her fellow peers and she loves exercising her proficiency in Italian when ordering and enjoying a Spritz Bianco or two.

Her nominator described her as “the biggest gem of Isle of Wight” and they hope this nomination will give her “that little push for global recognition, to find that one man she deserves to find.”

Jenna Haill

Jenna is on the left

Out fifth nomination was Jenna, a second year English and French student. You will find her working in campus’ premier bistro restaurant, Xananas, where she works part-time to help fund her night out in Leamington. Jenna claims that she has a real problem turning down nights out, stating that she can usually be convinced to go in under five minutes.

A random fact about her is that she drives a 17-year old, bright gold car that everyone likes to refer to as the pound coin.

Kanika Banwait

Next was Kanika, a third year English and Creative Writing student from Buckinghamshire. Her hobbies include fulfilling the aspiring writer cliché by drinking a lot, staring at the moon and unravelling the mysteries of life. She also “bloody loves” avocados. Kanika revealed that she works at Nandos, which makes her extra cheeky.

An interesting fact about Kanika is that people call her Kanika Banterwait because when you’re with her, you never have to wait for the banter – it’s constant. She’s also punched a guy in the face before because he wouldn’t leave her alone.

Katya Savelieva

Our next nominee was Katya, a final year Economics student from Surrey. Her hobbies include keeping secrets, chatting, cleaning and picking up on her flatmates faults. Occasionally she does a little bit of lacrosse, she commented: “I heard they’re the fittest girls on campus so i guess that makes me one too.”

Her nominators called her “fit, funny and an absolute honey”. One said that “being with Katya is like driving a Lamborghini for the first time. On top of being smooth and sleek, her charm makes for a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re lucky, she might just take you for a spin.”

Eva Cahill

Up next was fresher Eva, a Liberal Arts student from Manchester. She claims that being nominated is “probably my biggest achievement thus far at Warwick.”

Eva loves to abuse the dog snapchat filter, often missing pres for her DIY photo shoots. Her skills include drinking copious amounts of cheap rosé resulting in her ability to give motivational speeches to crying girls in the bathroom. Eva is known for constantly reminding everyone that she’s from Manchester and she says that she’s “putting it on the map.”

Teresa Alves

Teresa is a second year Economics student from Portugal. Her hobbies include Smack Tuesdays, going to the gym early in the morning and eating her body weight in chocolate and cheese.

Teresa speaks English and Portuguese fluently and a bit of Spanish and French on the side. She also enjoys travelling to different places, especially the mountains or the beach. In her spare time she also practices photography and ballet. As if that wasn’t enough, she finds time to be on exec for Portuguese Speaking Society. Apparently she once refused to give a guy her number saying she didn’t have a phone, when it was actually in her hand.

Zoe Hyde

Zoe is a third year Law student from South Devon. She says she’s “currently in absolute poverty from Smack Thursdays and Deliveroo.” Her hobbies include searching supermarket shelves for the cheapest wine with the highest alcohol content, third wheeling her best friend and her boyfriend, watching horror movies, and being at the beach when she’s home.

Not only is she the vice president of the Warwick Devils Cheerleading and Gymnastics, she has also climbed Kilimanjaro and took her top off at the peak. An interesting fact is that she is spending her summer in America working on death penalty cases.

Hannah Timmis

Next was Hannah from Wales, a second year History of Art student and self- proclaimed David Attenborough lover. When she’s not having a nap, Hannah’s hobbies include Warwick pole, catching up on Planet Earth re-runs, collecting fleeces and staring at her Gerard Butler cut-out.

An interesting fact is that, just like Karen from Mean Girls, she claims her boobs can tell if it’s going to rain. Her nominator said that she was “such a nice girl” that she would make more then a deserved winner.

Rūta Marija Nadišauskaitė

One of our last nominees was Ruta, a second year Biomedical Science student. She describes herself as “purely Lithuanian” and in her spare time she loves going on spontaneous trips, talking to strangers, burning microwave popcorn, eating buckwheat and listening to indie music as well as watching art cinema.

Her nominators describe her as “spice” or “stunningly beautiful individual” who “walks like a model and talks like a model.” Another person said that Ruta “is an intelligent and stunning amazonian with a mystical and light-hearted aura. She’s always up for a laugh and is complete perfection.”

Gizem Işık

Our final nomination went to Gizem who is a masters student in Finance at WBS. She is from Istanbul in Turkey, which is her favourite city ever. She is addicted to travel and enjoys making short movies of the cities she has travelled to. If she wasn’t aiming to be an investment banker, Gizem says she would love to have been a film director.

During her spare time, she enjoys cooking healthy dishes with her friends, doing yoga, boxing and running. Her nominator said that “her long blonde hair and big smile is enough to convince any man to make her his ‘Turkish’ Delight.”

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