Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette nomination: Katya Savelieva

Fit, funny and an absolute honey

We’re in search of Warwick’s most eligible bachelorettes and after hundreds of responses we’ve had so far, we’re presenting you Warwick’s most elite single girls.

Our next nominee is Katya Savelieva, a final year Economics student from Surrey.

When asked how she feels about her nomination, she replied: “I’m over the moon, not going to lie, I thought it was about time, been waiting a while for this, finally I’ve been recognised for my greatness.”

Her hobbies include keeping secrets, chatting, cleaning and picking up on her flatmates faults. Occasionally she does a little bit of lacrosse, she commented: “I heard they’re the fittest girls on campus so i guess that makes me one too.”

Her friends call her “Chatya” because she has the best chat. She’s also the biggest Professor Green fan, citing that pre 2012 was his prime time. You should “catch her in the grid to hear the best hits.”

Her nominators called her “fit, funny and an absolute honey”. One said that “being with Katya is like driving a Lamborghini for the first time. On top of being smooth and sleek, her charm makes for a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re lucky, she might just take you for a spin.”

Apparently “this Russian goddess is more than just a pretty face. Her pathetic puns, dreadful dance moves and tragic thirst for adventure and fun make her a wonderful catch for the Warwick lads.”

As President of Croquet Society, it’s time people knew that “she’s a bloody legend.”

Not only is she an “aggressively enthusiastic monopoly player and an intimidatingly vigorous dancer”, she can also do a “cracking impression of a seal.”

She has a compassionate side as she spent three weeks building playgrounds in Uganda. People describe her as “incredibly clever and caring.”

Katya’s biggest achievement was finding herself in the Galapagos on her gap year. Last but by no means least, she drives a fiat 500, to which she said: “#whitegirlgoals #daddysgirl #beepbeep.”

The vote for Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette will open this month.