Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette nomination: Hannah Wright

She’s a master of many tongues


We’re in search of Warwick’s most eligible bachelorettes and after hundreds of responses we’ve had so far, we’re presenting to you the crème de la crème.

Our first nominee is Hannah Wright, a second year Business Management and French student. In line with her degree she is “a master of many tongues”, speaking French, Spanish and Hebrew, so it gives her than exotic edge.

Her nominators describe her as “naturally gifted in the art of the chirpse”. Apparently she is a “true master of charm with her northern wit, ambitious dance moves and seductive linguistic ability”, which make her a real catch for anyone who thinks they’re up to scratch.

An interesting fact about Hannah is that she was once an U17 national swing ball champion. Her hobbies include hockey, seshing and swingball, because she’s a consistent lady. Her role as social secretary of Ladies Hockey shows she isn’t afraid to be the boss. Many guys find that alluring as this results in weekly advances on the POP! dance floor, which she politely declines every single time.

Another nominator said: “The amount of boys throwing themselves at her cannot go unnoticed and at one point so many guys were interested, we began to refer to them as the 10 disciples.”

When we asked her how she feels to be nominated, she replied with sass “I hope my ex boyfriend sees this.”

The vote for Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette will open early next month. If you’d like to nominate someone email [email protected] or message The Tab Warwick Facebook page.