Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette nomination: Gizem Işık

She is a Turkish delight

After receiving hundreds of nominations for Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette, we’re presenting to you Warwick’s crème de la crème.

Our final nomination goes to Gizem who is a masters student in Finance at WBS. She is from Istanbul in Turkey, which is her favourite city ever. She is addicted to travel and enjoys making short movies of the cities she has travelled to.

If she wasn’t aiming to be an investment banker, Gizem says she would love to have been a film director. During her spare time, she enjoys cooking healthy dishes with her friends, doing yoga, boxing and running.

She say that she is “super counter-productive during daytime” so you can usually find her at a library during the night.

When we asked her how she feels to be nominated, she said: “Actually I thought that this may be a joke at first, I looked up some previous articles about Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette and realised that it wasn’t. This was definitely not something I expected!”

Her nominator said that “her long blonde hair and big smile is enough to convince any man to make her his ‘Turkish’ Delight.”

The vote for Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette will be open later this week.