Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette nomination: Isabel Stark

Her feet are a symbol of ultimate beauty

We’re looking for Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette and after hundreds of responses we’ve had so far, we’ve narrowed our selection down to the most popular candidates.

Today’s nomination goes to the beautiful Isabel Stark, who is a second year History of Art student.

When we asked her how she felt to be nominated, she responded: “My reaction was to immediately call my best friend Josh Arnold to tell him the happy yet predictable news.” As Josh told Isabel that he nominated me at least twice a day.

In her spare time, as an aesthete, she likes reading Ruskin’s The Stones of Venice in situ, debating the International Style vs. Post Modernism with her fellow peers and she loves exercising her proficiency in Italian when ordering and enjoying a Spritz Bianco or two.

Isabel with her nominator, Josh

Her nominator described her as “the biggest gem of Isle of Wight” and they hope this nomination will give her “that little push for global recognition, to find that one man she deserves to find.”

They continued: “With all the blonde beauty you could ever want, Issy is the perfect match for any bachelor.”

An interesting fact about her is that she has Greek feet. She says that “it was an idealised feature throughout Ancient Greece, Rome and the Renaissance, Botticelli’s Venus is depicted with Greek feet.” So it’s no wonder Isabel was nominated as a bachelorette, seeing as her feet are a symbol of ultimate beauty.

The vote for Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette will open early next month. If you’d like to nominate someone email [email protected] or message The Tab Warwick Facebook page.