Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette nomination: Zoe Hyde

She climbed Kilimanjaro and took her top off at the peak

We’re in search of Warwick’s most eligible bachelorettes and after hundreds of responses we’ve had so far, we’re presenting to you the best of the best.

Zoe is a third year Law student from South Devon. She says she’s “currently in absolute poverty from Smack Thursdays and Deliveroo.”

Zoe is on the right

Her hobbies include searching supermarket shelves for the cheapest wine with the highest alcohol content, third wheeling her best friend and her boyfriend, watching horror movies, and being at the beach when she’s home.

Not only is she the vice president of the Warwick Devils Cheerleading and Gymnastics, she has also climbed Kilimanjaro and took her top off at the peak.

An interesting fact is that she is spending her summer in America working on death penalty cases.

When we asked her how she felt to be nominated, she replied: “My best friend probably made fake accounts to nominate me. I’ll take it.”

Her nominators said that Zoe is “really pretty, super into human rights and very funny as well.”

While another person said that “everyone fancies her” because of her “sick chat.”

The vote for Warwick’s most eligible bachelorette will be open later this week.