Ballpool parties, Arcadia and karaoke: All the best things going on at Love Saves the Day this year

It’s not just music

Love Saves the Day is always a great weekend, but this year things have gone up a notch. As if it couldn’t get any better, the Eastville Park festival is going to feature several different themed areas, each with a unique feel and characters involved.

Here are some of the things you can expect from this year’s fest.

The Inflatable Church

Look at it

The festival call it a ‘wedding ceremony with a difference’ and they’re probably right. ‘Weddings’ can be booked in advance, and throughout the day the church will host festival goers, with vicars and probably pints as well.

Twisted Theatre 

Actors will be roaming the site all weekend, and they’re probably not going to be performing Hamlet. Look out for something exciting from them.

Secret Ballpool Party and the Twisted Tattoo Parlour

No, they will not let you in if you ask nicely

Choose from a selection of dodgy (and probably temporary) tattoos and you may gain access to the secret ball pool party. This will be one of the most exclusive areas at the festival so if you get in make sure you take a Snapchat and make your mates jealous.

Horsebox Karaoke

With a cocktail bar and a selection of music, this will be the perfect place to get a bit drunk and embarrass yourself. Featuring special guests over the weekend, not only is the karaoke set inside a horsebox, you might see someone who can actually sing.

Arcadia Afterburner

Love Saves the Day will be the only British festival to host the Afterburner this year (and probably would have been the best anyway). On the Saturday it will be a techno haven, with Ricardo Villalobos playing his first ever Arcadia set there. On the Sunday it will be hosting D&B, with the lasers and fire displays going on into the evening.

Samba Band 

You’ll probably hear them before you see them, but there will be a samba band playing and walking around all weekend.

Brystol Maze

The festival have promised ‘varied antics, team play and cosmic competitions’, so your guess is as good as ours as to what will be going on. We’re pretty sure it will be cool though.

The Dance off Stage

The dance off stage returns this year, so that everyone can once again challenge each other. Will you be the one that falls over in front of a jeering crowd? Will you moonwalk your way to fame? All will be decided on the tiles, before the line up of DJs and MCs appear later on.

Cosmic Laundrette

Hidden in the ‘Lost Gardens’, the Cosmic Laundrette promises to be soul cleansing. The festival’s latest addition will be one of the best, so see us there on the day.

Total Eclipse of the Head

Total Eclipse of the Head will be giving out music themed haircuts throughout each day, so if you’ve been waiting for a 90s crimp all your life then head on down. You can probably convince one of your friends to get a mullet as well.