UWE Jailbreak teams got as far as Africa

I’d rather be in Gran Canaria than in Q block

As part of The Students’ Union RAG (Raising and Giving) this weekend, five teams from UWE participated  in Jailbreak: “36 hours to get as far away from UWE as possible while trying to fundraise money for charity. You can’t pay for your transport, so you’ll have to use your brains and some ingenuity to hitchhike as far away from Bristol as you can go.”


Through a mixture of hitchhiking, attempting to get free flights, trains, buses, the teams have to attempt to travel across the world. They can’t spend any of their own money, or use help from friends or family. Whilst this might seem like a homicide waiting to happen, every team at UWE managed to leave the country and raise money for charity. The final destinations of the UWE Jailbreak teams included Amsterdam, Italy, Malta and Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria is a staggering 2000 miles from Bristol. And you can’t even get to your 9am.