Aneeqa Munir

S Club 3 is coming to Bristol for UWE’s summer festival

‘There ain’t no party like an S Club Party’

There are going to be gin, prosecco and sushi buses running in Bristol

Not a X14 into town, but it’ll do

Ahmd Emara allegedly disqualified from leadership race for using UWE’s old Snapchat filter

It was a ‘resource that he had access to as president, that others did not’

Ahmd Emara disqualified from the SU elections

The most scandalous election race in UWE history

We got a ‘Red’ rating for UWE’s level of free speech but it’s not as bad as it seems

We were marked down for being against sexual harassment and discrimination

UWE ranked as ‘Red’ for free speech

A ‘Red’ ranking is given for restricting transphobic and sexist speech among other things

What’s the best area in Bristol?

It’s definitely not Fishponds

UWE Jailbreak teams got as far as Africa

I’d rather be in Gran Canaria than in Q block

Everything they didn’t tell you before you came to UWE but probably should have

If you live in Carroll Court everyone will laugh at you

What’s on: Valentine’s Day in Bristol

Love is in the air

Bristol University has more private schooled students than Cambridge


If Jeremy Kyle did a paternity test for a small suburban town, Didcot would be the father

We have powerstations, and much much more

Bristol has officially been named the ‘most inspirational’ city in the UK

And fourth in the world