UWE’s Maddest Fresher: the fifth nominee

It only gets worse

Our previous nominee was our first girl, and definitely didn’t disappoint when it comes to being wild. Our nominee this week describes himself as a ‘massive sesh gremlin’, and doesn’t fall short of being wild.



Old for a fresher, Luke is 20, and studies Music Technology, and sadly lives in the dreaded Carrol Court.

When we asked Luke about the maddest thing he’s done in hi UWE career so far, he told us ‘spent the majority of my student loan on importing halloucongogentic [sic] frogs in from south america that I can lick to trip balls’. We think he means ‘hallucinogenic’.

Somehow, Luke finds the time and money to go out nine times a week (according to him). We can imagine he’s a familiar face at the Lock In.

Apparently, he wants to be named Maddest Fresher so that he has something to put on his CV.

We asked what his friends think of him, and he said ‘they think I’m a cunt and so do my flatmates and my parents’.

What a lovely, modest guy.

Remember, you can still nominate your friends to be UWE’s Maddest Fresher by messaging our page here.